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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Frushi - Episode II

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We have a lot to blog about, so this is just a temp post. We went to Chicago for 5 days and ate - a lot. Figured I'd post some pics from Orange as a bit of a teaser. This is the place I stole the idea of Frushi from. Theirs looked much better, but didn't really taste any better.

Later we'll post pics and descriptions of Alinea, Blackbird, Trotter's, TRU and a couple of others (actually I'll just be pointing to Yellow Truffle's pics on eGullet for Alinea since we didn't take pictures there).

We'll also be posting (fuzzy) pictures from Espana in Omaha once I master the art of accent characters. :-)

*** UPDATE ***
Here are the posts for our trip to Chicago.

Charlie Trotter's
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