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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Foodies of Omaha - Join our Food Group

posted by snekse
Dark foreboding forces have been at work. The culmination of which was resulted in the creation of F.O.O.D.

Otherwise known was the Foodies of Omaha Discussion Board, F.O.O.D. is a covenant gathering of culinary worshipers to deconstruct the various edible spells and potions laid out before us in our domain.

More information to come available as we investigate.

*** UPDATE ***
F.O.O.D. was spotted at TasTe - January 2006
F.O.O.D. was spotted at Grand Fortune - February 2006
F.O.O.D. was spotted at Firebirds Rocky Mountain Grill - March 2006
F.O.O.D. was spotted at Sushi Japan Yakiniku Boy - October 2006
F.O.O.D. was spotted at Darwin Bistro & Catering - January 2007

If you're interested in joining F.O.O.D., you can sign up through our Yahoo group at

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