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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Five More Rules for Eating with My Daughter

posted by snekse
I don't know if my biological clock is beginning to tick or if eating with kids is the new vogue food topic; either way, here's a good NY Times article about eating at home with your kids. I think how you eat at home with your kids plays a crucial part in how easy it is to take your kids out to eat to a place that doesn't have arches.

Generation Pad Thai

Again, I'll give a quick summary.

1. Make your children eat at the table from a very young age.

2. Make them eat what you do, even if you have to purée it.

3. Pack lunches fashioned from leftovers.

4. Eschew filling your kids with snacks.

5. Buy them the most expensive chocolate you can afford.

I'm not so sure how much I agree with number 4. Their reasoning is that you should basically starve your kid so they'll eat whatever you put in front of them when it's dinner time. The issue I have with this is that I'm constantly reading about how it's actually healthier to disperse your calorie intake throughout the day. I think as long as you're controlling what and how much your kid is putting in their mouth, then letting them have a snack between meals is not all that bad - especially if they are active. I'm a little less likely to give my kid a snack if they've been inside all day rotting their brain in front of the TV.

I do, however, completely agree with number 5. If people know what truly good food tastes like, they are less likely to fall prey to the cheap and accessible traps that are out there. I can easily pass on Hershey's chocolate because I have 4 lbs. of Scharffen Berger in my basement. Not only is Scharffen Berger better for you because it contains less sugar and fat, but because it's 72% cacao, I eat less at one time. My craving can be satiated with just 1 or 2 ounces.

If you have any other good advice for making your kids into mini-foodies, let me know.

Ten Simple Rules for Eating with My Daughter

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