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Saturday, March 17, 2007

BLOGROLL: chuckeats

posted by snekse
My second addition to my 2007 Blogroll is...

Chuck Eats
    "Chuck Eats (and Drives)"

There's always that moment when you see or read something on a blog that is just so cool that you immediately add the site to your feed reader - sometimes with blinding speed.

When I happened to stumble upon Chuck's blog, I actually hesitated because I was a bit stunned and wasn't sure I was comprehending what I was reading. Maybe I missed something. Did he really just say "47 Michelin Stars in 24 days"? Is such a thing even physically possible? Can one's body endure such blissful gluttony? Is this guy even for real or is this a staff writer for The Onion making fun of us serious gourmands?

So I dug around on the site a bit. I found reviews covering many of the best restaurants around the country along with heavy linking to Gastroville and Opinionated About Dining - this guy is beyond serious. No brainer. Add.

And Chuck doesn't just provide serious descriptions and critiques of each restaurant he visits; He also provides those same serious descriptions and critiques of each of the dishes he eats - and rates them. A small, but very cool detail.

And the thing that earned him a featured spot on my blogroll? He was one of the few bloggers who made it to Keyah Grande before Chefs Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot moved on. Chuck is definitely someone who is passionate about food and knows more than just the names listed in glossy magazine. Kudos.

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