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Monday, October 09, 2006

Sage Student Bistro - Omaha, NE

posted by snekse
Sage Student Bistro Logo
After having found what I think is the best restaurant in Omaha, I think I've now found the coolest restaurant in Omaha. And in quite an unexpected place. Metro Community College. That's right. Metro has a pretty kick ass culinary arts program that may not be nationally renowned, but they they do a damn fine job that provides a great stepping stone for the students.

So what makes this place so cool? Well, I might be a little crazy, but I think that atmosphere contributes to it. Not the candles on the table atmosphere, just the passion displayed through the menu and sharing that passion with your fellow diners and the students. This passion creates a sense of adventure that's hard to get at any other restaurant, or at least one here in Omaha or one that you can escape for under $50.

Oh yeah, in case I haven't already hooked you on trying Sage, maybe this menu item will.

Peppercorn Lamb Sous Vide $14
truffle polenta, roasted chard, mint cotton candy, sauce perigueux

Yep, not only do they have a sous vide dish, but it's a lamb dish that's only $14. And if you're a really cheap SOB like me, then you can fill out a comment card for an additional 10% discount*. Along with their static menu, they also have a changing 5 course prix fixe menu for $21 and a 12+ course Degustation Menu available for parties of 4. The degustation menu is basically a sampling of every dish on their static menu for just $130 for your entire table. Where else are you going to get a 2+ hour dining experience for under $35?

Oh, I should also mention, because the restaurant does not have a liquor license, it's BYOB. There is no corkage charge.

There is one catch to all this coolness though. Culinary students are still students. As such, they like to attend various extracurricular functions at offsite locations at times that are inconvenient for most diners, therefore, Sage is only open for dinner Monday through Thursday. They are also closed while school's out (and during exams I believe).

Despite this fact, it's well worth the trip for a mid-week treat of some of the best that Omaha has to offer. So I encourage you to go, and to go with open minds and the imagination of a young'n'. The students and school need the community's support. The restaurant industry is a brutal cutthroat business and running a non-profit restaurant has got to be even harder. Hopefully if they find enough community support, we can convince them to open a Parsley, Rosemary, and Thyme at their 3 other metro locations. :-)

* NOTE: The 10% discount may not always be available.

*** UPDATE ***
REVIEW: Sage - Fall 2006 - Team One Prix Fixe Menu

Rating: N/A

Sage - Make a Reservation
Omaha, NE MAP
(Building #10 of Metro's Fort Omaha campus)

N 30th St & Fort St.
Metro's Fort Omaha campus
Building #10
Omaha, NE 68111
(402) 457-2328

Hours of Operation
Monday through Thursday:
  Dinner 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Friday - Sunday:

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