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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Everyone Visits Darwin Bistro

posted by snekse
The cat's out of the bag. Jim Delmont @ Omaha CityWeekly has ruined it for the GFC readership. Our little secret is no longer just ours. Granted that just means they're more likely to stay in business, so it's not all bad. You can read both reviews below.

The Evolution of Food
Darwin’s joins fine dining establishments in Omaha

By Jim Delmont

Restaurant Review: Darwin Bistro & Catering

Congrats on two great reviews to Paul and the rest of the Darwin team. And thanks to the Sage staff for giving GFC the scoop before anyone else :-)

*** UPDATE ***
Looks like Steve Brewer at The Reader caught wind of our little secret as well.
Mighty Mac: Darwin’s Bistro has evolved your shells and cheese

Nichole Aksamit shares my opinion of Darwin Bistro & Catering.
New bistro's a rare find

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