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NOTW: Friday March 23rd @ GFC

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Friday, March 23, 2007

NOTW: Friday March 23rd

posted by snekse
Welcome to our first "News of the Week" (NOTW). These posts will focus on food related news in the local area with occasional national news. Since this is a new segment, I've also included some news from past weeks that I thought was interesting. If you have any food related news you think should be posted here, .

News of the Week: Friday March 23rd

Thanks to a recently passed law, Upstream Brewing Company will be opening a distillery in their Legacy location. This will be the first distillery in Nebraska since the Prohibition. Spirits planned include vodka, gin, rum, bourbon, whiskey and possibly brandy.

The small national breakfast & lunch chain, Le Peep, will be opening it's 3rd Omaha location on the Northeast corner of 120th & Blondo, near Starbucks.

Starting in mid-May through June 1, 2007, Sakura Bana will be temporarily closed while they move to their new location at 74th & Dodge.

O Casual Dining may have to find a new home; And owner, Lance Wang, may be out $250,000. After upgrading the space the restaurant is currently in, Wang received notice that Children’s Hospital bought the building as part of an expansion project. It is unclear yet what the future holds for O Casual.

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