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Saturday, March 03, 2007


posted by snekse
To pay for my hosting fees this month, I've decided to accept an offer to do a paid review. The best part is the company brokering the deal states "We do not allow advertisers to require a positive review." Which is the only reason I agreed to do the review.

Here's the other funny part. "You are not required to buy the product or service and we ask that you review as best as you can even so." The reason I asked is because the advertiser, Natures Products, didn't supply me with a product sample and they were only going to pay me enough to cover buying their product. So I'm about to review a product I've never tried. Trust that if I every do such a crazy asinine thing again in the future, I will fully disclose such a fact.

So the product that I am reviewing is Noni Juice. The manufacturer claims all sorts of crazy things, though they stop short of being a miracle. Do a search for this stuff and you'll see all sorts of reputable website basically shooting down every claim they make. Basically there is no evidence of this product doing much of anything extraordinary, other than possible harm due to the high potassium level. Don't believe me? How about the Mayo Clinic? Even the government has stepped up to debunk these claims resulting in several lawsuits.

Oh, and it's supposed to taste horrid, but what did you expect from the juice of the Morinda citrifolia, A.K.A. the cheese fruit or the vomit fruit. Yeah, that was money well spent - $33.90 for a 750ml bottle!

So my recommendation is to avoid this product. Takes some multi-day vitamins or something and save yourself a lot of money.

And a note to all other advertisers who might want to pay me for a product review. Be warned, if your product sucks, I'm going to let people know.

That was fun :-)

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