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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Omaha Brunch Bunch: Part 1

posted by snekse
As part of an ongoing investigation, we will be uncovering various brunch options in the Omaha area in hopes to increase awareness. Our photo reconnaissance has documented the following locations peddling eggs, waffles and other nefarious not-quite-breakfast/not-quite-lunch items to local diners.

Taxi's Grille & Bar
Probably one of the best places for brunch in Omaha. Their menu features about 6 different variations of eggs Benedict along with some non-standard offering such as a seafood enchilada. The sides are a little ho-hum, but everything else is very tasty. Reservations are highly recommended.

Upstream Brewing Company
Within the last couple of months, Upstream added a buffet to their brunch options. Far from the standard, this buffet offers bread pudding French toast, made-to-order omelets, prime rib and many other selections along the same lines. Orange juice, coffee and other non-alcoholic beverages are included, as they should be for $16.95!

The Cheesecake Factory
Basic fare. Nothing special, but if you like The Cheesecake Factory, then you'll probably enjoy their brunch. As usual with TCF, the portions are huge, so there is good value here. I just wish their menu was a little more creative. As usual, reservations are not taken, so show up early if you have a large party.

Darwin Bistro
Darwin just started offering brunch. (***UPDATE*** Darwin Bistro is now closed.) Like 3 days ago. Their menu is fairly interesting and closely mimics the dinner menu, though I was hoping to see a little more creativity and whimsy on the brunch menu. For better or worse, it leans a little more toward lunch compared to other brunch menus. From the two dishes we had, I'd say they have firm ground to build off of. I'm interested to try the "oeuf cuistot" with seared foie gras, so I'll be back again soon.

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