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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob - Omaha (Dundee)

posted by snekse
Welcome to our first "quick pick" restaurant review. These reviews are meant for restaurants the typically cost under $10 and are basically meant for quick meals. Nothing fancy, but still worth going out of your way for.

Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob

I looked for the plaque that said "Give us your hungry, your poor, your stumbling masses", but never did find it. Located in the heart of Dundee, Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob serves the late night crowd looking for fuel to get them on to their next destination (be it the next bar, bed, or someone else's bed). Dundee is the perfect location for such a place; downtown being the possible exception, I don't believe this place could survive anywhere else. With minimal seating, foot traffic is a necessity.

The space they do have is a cool mix of cozy and trendy. And the menu reflects the same feeling. There are just 3 items on the menu. Two sandwiches for under $6 and curry fries for about $2.

The Döner Kabob beats a gyro in my book. The slight gaminess of the lamb matched really well with the seasonings and garlic sauce, though I could probably do without the vegetables. The curry fries weren't addictive, but the last few were fought for (in a civilized manner). Both of these would be worth a trip back if I were anywhere East of 90th Street. I wish the same could be said for the Falafel. I'm not a falafel connoisseur by any means, but this was by far the driest I've ever had, rendering it almost inedible if it were not for the sauce and marinated vegetables.

Despite their limited menu, the place seems to be a hit. It was packed just after we arrived for lunch around 1pm, filled with us less insomniacal folks (or those just rolling out of bed at noon).

That's it. Quick pick. We're done. Score, contact info, and other info is at the bottom.

Rating: 85

Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob
Dundee at 50th & Underwood

620 N 50th St. (map)
Omaha, NE 68132
Phone: (402) 504-3223

Hours of Operation
  Monday - Wednesday: Noon - 11:00pm
  Thursday - Saturday: Noon - 2:00am
  Sunday: CLOSED

Okay, one last thing. To go with our first "quick pick" review, we have a picture slide show. These are just the pictures. If you're interested in reading the descriptions and/or comments, I suggest clicking the picture at the top of the post to take you to the corresponding Flickr photo set.

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