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Thursday, May 03, 2007

FOOD @ Dario's Brasserie

posted by snekse
Recently the Foodies of Omaha Discussion Board went to enjoy some fine French/Belgian food at Dario's Brasserie in Dundee. There was no theme this month or voting or discussions even. Instead a member was chosen at "random" and was forced to choose a place. If we decided we didn't like their choice, they would be ostracized until we got our next beer. Luckily for this month's victim, the food was good and the beer was good. The beer may have even stole the show (The St. Bernardus 12 has moved it's way into my top 20 list).

The Good: The service was much better than our previous visit.
The Bad: Nothing honestly. Though that might be the St. Bernardus 12 talking.
The Ugly: The no-shows for our reservation.

[Regarding the no-shows] Unfortunately that kind of thing happens, but it's still really disappointing. I won't really go into it here, but of course Mamma Spice could have none of that and had this to say.

Smack Talk For the No Shows
Well, those of you who were in on the reservation and didn't make it missed out big time. Great food, we were after the rush and got good service. Our waiter knew the beer menu in and out and the food menu. We chatted with THE DARIO of Dario's Brasserie for a bit.

As usual, Derek took some great pics and I'm sure they will be on his blog shortly.

What did you eat by not showing up? Meatloaf? Leftovers? Fast Food? SUCKERS!!!! You could have had the special mussels appetizer with some frites. The mussels were braised in a creamy white wine sauce with fennel and leeks then topped with a light sprinkling of gruyere cheese. The frites were hot and crispy as usual. Or the hangar steak, with a red wine demi-glace. Or the salmon on tomato concasse. All this AND MORE.

I had a beer called Orval, that has been brewed by a group of monks since 1100. Practice makes perfect, and that, peeps, is a LOT of practice.

You tell'em Mama!

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