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Dinker's Bar & Grill - Omaha, NE @ GFC

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dinker's Bar & Grill - Omaha, NE

posted by snekse

Dinker's: Omaha's Best Burger

Since Omaha is once again hosting the College World Series (CWS) at Rosenblatt Stadium, I thought I would offer a quick pick restaurant review for one of my favorite places near the stadium. A spot that happens to be perfect for locals and visitors alike who just want the best Omaha has to offer. And if you're able to keep it close to Rosenblatt (and our wonderful Henry Doorly Zoo), even better.

Hopefully our locals and habitual CWS fans are already familiar with Dinker's. It's hard to ignore when driving along I-480 towards Rosenblatt and you see a bright red sign claiming "Omaha's Best Burger". Them's big words in the land of corn-fed beef, Omaha Steaks, and a city that boasts about being "Rare" and "Well Done". Whether they live up to their own hype or not could probably be debated for hours, but I think it's hard to dispute that it's a pretty darn good burger.

So what makes the Dinker Burger such a good hamburger? Well, I think it's the balance. First let me say if you're all about gourmet burgers and would never think about eating a cheeseburger that turns a brown paper bag translucent, then Dinker's is not your thing. That's not to say that their burgers are greasy. This is actually where the balance comes in. I think they strike a good middle ground between a juicy burger and a greasy burger. Another key aspect is using a bun with substance. The slightly starchy thick cut bun stands up well to the equally thick cut patty and all of it's drippings. Other than that, I'd have to say it's the ingredients that really make this burger, so take a little tip here: skip most of the toppings and eat the burger with just a slice of cheese. A much more satisfying experience.

As for the rest of Dinker's, I wish I could say more positive things. The other food I've had is just alright, and the atmosphere would be perfect, except for the Keno = smoking thing. That last one is a real downer and limits my consideration when trying to decide where to eat lunch when we visit the zoo or go see a baseball game. Sad to think of how many burgers I'm missing out on between now and 2011. ***UPDATE*** With the recent law changes, Dinker's is now a non-smoking establishment as are all other restaurants in the Omaha city limits. Thanks to Frank who commented below for pointing that out. For that, they get an extra point on my ratings scale.

Rating: 87

Dinker's Bar & Grill
29th & Martha, just off of I-480

2368 S 29th St (map)
Omaha, NE 68105
Phone: (402) 342-9742

Hours of Operation
  Monday - Saturday: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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