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Friday, June 15, 2007

GFC Turns 100!

posted by snekse
And it seems like we just turned two...

A slightly different number we're celebrating today. This is our 100th post! We're not quite on pace to catch Becks & Posh, but that's setting the bar a little high anyway.

I just wanted to send a couple of thank yous.

First, thanks to our readers, with an extra special thanks those who leave comments or send us emails, anonymous or otherwise. I encourage more comments and emails. I think they improve the overall usefulness of the site. Everyone has an opinion. Don't be afraid to share it here.

And most importantly, I wanted to thank my family, immediate and extended, for putting up with "wait, don't eat that yet, I need to get a picture" and all my other obsessions that allow me to keep this site running. Though I may not always say it, it means a lot to me.

And with that...

Because we've picked up a number of new subscribers recently, we decided to provide links back to some of our most popular posts of the past 100 to catch everyone up to speed. They're listed in chronological order so you can stop reading when they start to look really familiar. Oddly, about half of them are from 2007.

RECIPE: Fun with Frushi AKA Fruit "Sushi"

RECIPE: Salt Steak with newspaper and masking tape


RESTAURANT REVIEW: Charlie Trotter's - Chicago, IL



ANNOUNCEMENT: Foodies of Omaha

EDITORIAL: 10 Simple Rules for Eating with my Daughter

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Liberty Tavern - Omaha, NE

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Omakase @ Sushi Japan - Omaha, NE

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Darwin Bistro - Omaha, NE

RESOURCE: List of Omaha Restaurants Websites

RESOURCE: Omaha Foodie's Coupon Guide

RESOURCE: 2006 Douglas County Food Facility Sanitation Ratings

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Dario's Brasserie - Omaha, NE

RECIPE: Wonton Soup

RESOURCE: List of Omaha Brunch Locations

RECIPE: Joong AKA sticky rice

RESOURCE: 2007 World's 50 Best Restaurants

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2007 James Beard Award Winners

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Amsterdam Falafel and Kabob - Omaha, NE

ANNOUNCEMENT: Session #4 - Local Brews Event

BEER REVIEW: Upstream Brewing Co. - Omaha, NE

RESOURCE: Local Brews Field Guide

RESOURCE: Omaha Food Events Calendar

Thanks again to everyone.

P.S. If you've tried one of the restaurants above, please feel free to leave a comment of your thoughts on said page.

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