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CONTEST: Omaha on $40 a Day @ GFC

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

CONTEST: Omaha on $40 a Day

posted by snekse
Announcing GFC's first contest!

Omaha on $40 a Day

I hinted about it earlier, now it's official. Time to put your thinking caps on and create a menu ala Rachael Ray that would highlight what Omaha has to offer for those on a budget. The winner (see the results) gets a small prize that will help stretch those dollars even further - a 2007/2008 Omaha Prime Discount Card full of BOGO coupons for Omaha restaurants and more.

All you have to do to win this fabulous prize is to your recommendations of how to best feed yourself with just $40. Judging will be completely subjective, but bonus consideration will be given to the lists that exhibit both culinary and fiscal creativity and those that showcase local Omaha spots that uniquely represent our city. And of course it has to be Yumm-O.

  • Must stay within the greater Omaha area (Lincoln is too far)
  • Must specify 3+ restaurants to visit
  • Must provide example dishes you might order along with the estimated price of the item
  • Must include 7% tax (the highest amount in Omaha)
  • Must include gratuity (15% standard, 10% buffet, etc...)
  • Cannot use discounts that expire (happy hours are fine)
  • Cannot exceed $40 total
  • Entries must be received by July 25th (winner announced on the 27th)

I was waiting to officially announce the contest until after I had my own $40 a Day menu planned out. It proved a lot more difficult than I had anticipated, so I'm giving a "version" here. I might have another version ready when the winner is announced. So until then, here is my Omaha on $40 a Day menu.

Taxi's Grill (Brunch)
Blackstone Eggs - Poached eggs, tomatoes, bacon on English muffin with jalapeño hollandaise
$8.95 ($11.02 w/ tax + 15% tip)

Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob (Lunch)
Doner Kabob & Curry Fries - Thin sliced lamb, fresh vegetable salad and choice of garlic or spicy sauce in toasted bread
$7.50 ($9.02 w/ tax + $1 tip)

Spezia (Dinner)
Gnocchi Alla Pollo - Seared chicken breast, cremini mushrooms and fresh baby spinach served over gorgonzola cream
$15.95 ($19.63 w/ tax + 15% tip)

TOTAL: $39.67

Of course the last one could be substituted with any good Italian restaurant here in Omaha. Pasta is cheap, so it's a great budget meal.

To help you keep under budget, here are two great resources to browse menus of local area eateries.
List of Omaha Restaurants with Websites

Can you do better? Let's hope so. GOOD LUCK!


Omaha on $40 a Day

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