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NOTW: Monday, October 8th 2007 @ GFC

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Monday, October 08, 2007

NOTW: Monday, October 8th 2007

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News of the Week Month: Monday, October 8th 2007

Kids are a lot of work. Our new addition combined with my normally hectic fall schedule has wreaked havoc on my posting frequency here. I wish I could say that was going to be changing soon, but at the moment, I'm not seeing it. While I'm trying to get back to a normal posting schedule, get your food blog fix at Omaha Food Critic

The first item is the most important because it's time sensitive. Tuesday, October 9th is the 5th annual Omaha Dine Out Against Hunger. Of course you already knew that because you've been keeping an eye on the Omaha Food Events Calendar. On this day, each of these restaurants has pledged to donate 10% of the day's proceeds to The Omaha Food Bank. So if you were already planning on eating out this week, try to do it tomorrow. Of course if you'd rather just donate to the Omaha Food bank, you can do that too. Please pass this information on.

In television news, my prognostication abilities correctly singled out Hung as the winner of Top Chef: Season 3 - Miami. Keep an eye out for my season 4 predictions.

Until next season, we have The Next Iron Chef to keep us amused. ***SPOILER WARNING*** Caesars Palace agreed with me that Traci Des Jardins should be the favorite to win, however, that will not be the case since she was eliminated last night. Now I think John Besh is the man to beat. I'm extremely disappointed that they chose a single elimination format for this show. I would have actually have liked to see all contestants stay on board until the end and pick the winner from the entire group.

Getting cut from The Next Iron Chef has got to look minor in comparison to the news Grant Achatz got recently. The chef of Alinea in Chicago, released this statement through his publicist:
"I wanted to personally report that I have been very recently diagnosed with an advanced stage of squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth. I have consulted several prominent physicians and will likely begin aggressive treatment within the next few weeks. I remain, and will remain, actively and optimistically engaged in operations at Alinea to the largest extent possible. Alinea will continue to perform at the level people have come to expect from us — I insist on that. I have received amazing support from friends, family, and everyone who has thus far been told of the disease, and I look forward to a full, cancer-free, recovery."
We wish him all the best.

Another Chicago chef was recently featured in the Chicago Sun Times. A short, but very interesting read about the opening of Charlie Trotter's, which was 20 years ago this fall. One of the cooler aspects of his past 20 years has been the spawning of great chefs around the world. Check out Charlie trotter's family tree.

This past weekend was his celebration gala that included a real who's who of chefs that took over Chicago. The guest list included chefs Thomas Keller, Heston Blumenthal, Ferran Adria, Daniel Boulud, Wylie Dufresne, Tetsuya Wakuda, and Pierre Herme, along with sommelier Larry Stone and food scientist Harold McGee. And that's just the out-of-towners list! Together they raise over $250,000 for Trotter's culinary education foundation. Check out photos of the event.

Want a glimpse into the future of eating? Maybe try that new vegetarian fast-food at Zen Burger? Or find recipes by the moods and the emotions they invoke. Want some pensive deviled eggs? How about irate gazpacho?

Want a glimpse of the past? This man from Baltimore reportedly invented Tiramisu. Of course you can just jump to what you're really after - the original Tiramisu recipe.

And something I never thought I'd see, the Green Diamond in St. James, NE was featured in the Omaha World-Herald, complete with audio. I spent many of summers buying soda and candy from this place while watching games being played at the ball diamond across the street. The diamond is gone now, as is most of the town. Still nice to see a story about a rural town.

Something I'm really excited about is the fact that Sage Bistro is now open for the semester. In addition, they will be offering Sunday brunch with Prime Rib on October 28th. Oh, and it's only $12!

I'm glad to see the culinary department has been doing really well and has been getting a ton of good press lately, including landing the cover of the Omaha CityWeekly's Fall 2007 Dining & Entertainment guide.

Darwin Bistro won the Ultimate Mac-n-Cheese challenge at the Comfort Food Classic - and we have the winning recipe! Check back tomorrow for the dish on the dish.

Also over this past weekend, Jerry Buma won the World's Championship Chili Cookoff hosted here in Omaha.

In addition to the Foodies of Omaha, a new dining club has started recently. It was started by the same people who run Omaha Originals; hopefully it's not just an excuse or vehicle to sell more of their discount books, but only time will tell. If anyone has been to one of their gatherings, please leave your thoughts and impressions of your dinner in our comments section below.

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