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Friday, October 12, 2007

PRODUCT REVIEW: Mozy - Online Backup

posted by snekse
Occasionally I will write about technical subjects here on GFC, because, well - I'm a geek.

Something that caught my eye last week was the acquisition of Berkeley Data Systems by EMC Corp. For those of you not familiar with the names, Berkeley Data Systems is a small start-up company with a product called Mozy. Mozy is a backup utility that allows you to systematically and securely store up to 2 GB of data online for free, or if you have more data, you can get unlimited storage for $4.95/month. EMC Corp is one of the world's largest enterprise data storage providers. So why is this important? Well, it does lend some credibility to what BDS is doing, but more importantly, BDS now has some money behind it. That should translate into improvements in the product and possibly larger storage limits for both their free and paid accounts.

Do yourself a favor - find the folder where you save all of your digital photos, right-click on it and select "Properties". How large that folder? How many files are in there? Now do the same to the folders where you keep your music, home movies, tax documents, and any other important files. Then ask yourself:
  • "When was the last time I backed-up this information"?
  • "Is the backup stored at an off-site location in case my house burns down"?
  • "Will I be able to handle the ulcer I get if my hard drive crashed in the next 10 minutes"?
It may seem a little extreme, but being paranoid is a good thing when dealing with technology that holds so much valuable information that really is priceless. This is why photo albums are one of the first things people search for when rummaging through a demolished house after a natural disaster. And now in our digital age, most of those memories are stored on that 3.5" hard drive that's not meant to last for more than 3 to 5 years.

For myself, I have 2 levels of protection. I have all of my important files on a RAID system to protect me from a hard drive crash and I also use Mozy in case something happens to my house or my RAID fails. This gives me peace of mind that if something were to happen, I could recover my 10,000+ photos and other important documents I have on my machine.

Since a RAID system is impractical for most people, Mozy is the perfect solution. It's a small application that runs in the background, so you don't even notice it. At a regularly scheduled interval it will send your important files over a secure connection to be stored encrypted on redundant storage systems. If your hard drive crashes, or even if you just accidentally delete a file, you can easily restore the file and be on your way. What's really cool is that it allows you to create rules and filters so it ensures you only backup the data you really care about - especially nice when you use their free 2 GB account and need to use your space wisely.

So this is just a friendly reminder - backing up your data is extremely important. Regardless of if you use external hard drives, DVDs, Mozy or one of the other online solutions, just make sure you do it, Mozy just happens to be the best solution I've found so far.

If you want to give Mozy a try, just click on the button below. Remember, it's free, so you really don't have much to lose other than some time. Also, if you do decide you need a paid account, they are offering a 5% discount on all annual and biannual signups for the month of October. Just enter "OCTOBER" into the "Promotional Code" box on the signup page.

Mozy Promo Discount Coupon Codes are basically the month name in which you are signing up. Examples below:
FEBRUARY- 10% off a MozyHome Unlimited 1-year Signup
FEBRUARY2 - 10% off a MozyHome Unlimited 2-year Signup

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