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FOOD NEWS: December 1st, 2007 @ GFC

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

FOOD NEWS: December 1st, 2007

posted by snekse
If you don't read all of the news items, make sure you at least read the last one.

It looks like the hippees were right; organic food really is better for you. As explained by Harold McGee, rats preferred organic over conventional food which contain more micronutrients like antioxidants and phytonutrients that fight cancer, slow aging, and maintain cardiac health.

The latest wine library TV
Congratulations to two of my favorite wine sites who both received some great coverage on CNN. Loud mouth Gary Vaynerchuk and his Wine Library TV were the stars of the article, not they he need the press. Vay-ner-chuk has also made appearances on Conan, Nightline and Ellen. Either way, congrats Gary.

The other site mentioned in the article is one I've linked to quite often. If you have more than 2 dozen bottles of wine in your house at this very moment, you owe it to yourself to checkout CellarTracker.com. An online tracking system to keep tabs on your collection, notes of what you drank in the past, drinking windows for aging wine and a strong community of avid wine drinkers looking to help each other. Congrats Eric!

In other national mentions, two Mexican restaurants in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, got special mention in the September issue of Gourmet magazine. Though the article notes that good Mexican food can be found through-out the Nebraska pan-handle, they single out Taco Town and Rosita's as being a notch above the rest.

For those considering a career in the food industry, Creighton University and Metropolitan Community College have teamed up to offer a joint restaurant management certificate. Those who complete the courses at both schools will receive a specialized certificate from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

Granted with the Omaha restaurant market what it is these days, you may want to reconsider that decision.

Jobber's Canyon closed to the public and is only open for private parties. Not such a bad fate considering Back to Guangzhao, Darwin Bistro, Scarlet and Cream Letter Club, Aunt Emma's, Tin Star, Planet Sub, China One, all four Caribou Coffee shops and TasTe's 132nd & Dodge location have all completely closed.

Then you also have the constant chef shuffle. Matt Kellie left The Tasting Room to go work at Ameritrade!? Michael Rhoades is no longer at CoCo Key Resort with no immediate plans for his next gig. And Kim McQuillen left Lucky's Ten-O-One right before the Comfort Food Classic Ultimate Mac-n-Cheese competition. Talk about a bumpy industry.

There have been some good articles in the local rags over the past few months. I thought I'd point some of them out in case you missed them.

Nichole Aksamit got an invite to the not so secret "underground" dining club. A good article and a fun read, but I was really disappointed with the club itself. The point of underground dining clubs is to push the boundaries of what you can find in local restaurants. Aside from the absinthe and location, the meal seemed tamed. Where is the offal, the illegal young raw-milk cheeses, the desserts made with a challenging savory ingredients like soy sauce or just an unusual preparation like fried butterscotch pudding? And what's the point of going "underground" if everything is prepared with a catering license? Why not just call it what it is - an invitation only dinner party?

I was also excited by the CityWeekly's article about signiture dishes in Omaha. That was until I got past the first paragraph. It just seems like they missed so much and included less than worthy items. Granted maybe they've never had the Famous Pork Tenderloin sandwich at Barrett's Barleycorn, but I'm just saying... If you agree with me, let me know. Leave a comment below. If we get enough interest, maybe we'll start up a supplemental list.

Of course every place has to be know for something. Get a glimpse into that through an interesting interview with Tony Gentile, the corporate executive chef of Roja, Bianco and Blue. It changes my perspective on Roja a little bit, but just a little.

For the beer lovers out there, Brent Udron once again provides us with outstanding tips. This time he helps us select the holiday brews that are worth their weight in hops.

Finally we have a great article by Jeff Beals that discusses the national and regional chain restaurants that have flooded Omaha in the past several years.

Looks like I was kind of right about the Omaha Dining Club. This is from their newsletter they emailed out.
Don't forget to tell your friends and business associates about ODC before the end of the year. Everyone who joins the site between now and December 31st will be grand fathered in as a Lifetime Filet Mignon member. Anyone who registers after December 31st will be required to pay a $9.95 monthly membership fee.
That's just lame.

Where's the beef?

Find out December 10th as we reveal our 2 fabulous items that will be raffled off for the 4th Annual Menu for Hope charity event.

And no, it's not going to be some crappy wet aged Omaha Steaks® package you can buy at the mall. I promise this will be a little more interesting.

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