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Friday, January 11, 2008

2007 Year in Review

posted by snekse
It's that time of year when everyone does a year in review or a preview/prediction of the upcoming year. I'll keep with the theme with a bit of a twist. I'm going to give you a Year in Review from your prospective. Here are the most popular items on GFC for 2007. These are in no real order and a lot of factors play into what appeared on this list, so don't read to much into the results.
Lucky's ten-o-one
Cuba Linda
Espana Tapas Bar
Mai Thai
Le Peep
Wave Bistro
The Cellar Wine and Dine
Bistro 121
Shucks Oyster Bar
Gusto Cuban
Dario's Brasserie
Darwin Bistro
Sushi Japan
Bianco, Roja and blue (in that order)
Amsterdam Falafel and Kabob
Liberty Tavern
Sage Bistro
V Mertz (Review coming soon)

That list was for all of 2007. To get an idea of what people have been interested in recently, here are the popular items for December 2007. Please note, this list excludes all of the places GFC has done a review on, some of which were very popular.

Lucky's Ten-O-One
Brew Burgers
Bonefish Grill
Espana Tapas Bar
Bones Brew & BBQ
Prima 140
Nestle Toll House Cafe
Sullivan's Steakhouse
Prestige World Class
Cascio's Steakhouse
Genji Japanese Steakhouse
Kobe Steak House of Japan
Seven Monkeys
Brother Sebastian's Steakhouse
Urban Wine Company
The Cellar Wine and Dine
Confluence Bookstore cafe
Old Mattress Factory
Pizza Gourmet
Los Portales

Food for Thought: A look at dining in 2008 (OWR)
Our restaurant critic's most memorable meals of 2007 (OWH)
Best ‘O’ 2007: Delmont’s favorite dining experiences from last year (OCW)

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