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Monday, January 28, 2008

Omaha Restaurant Reviews

posted by snekse
So our current list of Omaha Restaurants has grown quite massive. The fact that we were integrating in links to restaurant reviews just made the matters worse. So I present to you, a separate list of Restaurant Reviews. Hopefully this will make perusing the lists a little less daunting. As an added benefit, in order for me to make this possible, I had to write a lot of code that also just happens to make it really easy to filter these lists. In the future you'll be able to filter this list by review site. Not a huge deal, but nice to have. The better use will be on the other list where I hope to allow users to filter by cuisine, location, and who knows what else. Hope you enjoy.

Omaha Restaurant Reviews

I've compiled a list of restaurant reviews in the Omaha area. I'll be constantly updating this list, so you may want to bookmark this page. Simply click on one of the links below to view the list with or without notes. I'll also be adding filtering features so you can select restaurant reviews by location and/or cuisine. In the mean time, if you can't find what you're looking for below, try the search box in the upper right corner of the site.

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  • ARTICLE: 10 Hot Spots; Restaurant standouts of 2008...(OWH)
    Restaurant standouts of 2008 tasty enough to make you a regular in 2009
  • ARTICLE: 7 Places Your Grandparents Ate...and You Should Too! (FSM)
    Although a lot gets said about the great restaurants that Omaha has to offer, what often gets lost are the original establishments that paved the way for the fantastic culinary scene our city has today. With that in mind, here are our top old-school family run restaurants and some of the things that make them so great. * Petrow's * Johnny's Cafe * Gorat's Steakhouse * Cascio's Steakhouse * Orsi's Italian Bakery * La Casa * Bohemian Cafe
  • ARTICLE: A guide to Omaha’s cheap and late night eats (OWR)
    Lisa’s Radial Café 817 N. 40th St., 551.2176 Mon.-Fri. 6 a.m.-2 p.m., Sat.-Sun. 7 a.m.-2 p.m., Fri. nights 4:30-8:30 p.m. Worker’s Takeout 1317 S. 50th St., 932.6083,, Mon.-Thurs. 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Fri. and Sat. 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. California Tacos and More 3235 California St., 342.0212 Mon.-Sat. 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Bene Pizza & Pasta: A Retro Restaurant and Arcade 12301 W. Maple Rd., 498.0700 Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob 620 N. 50th St., 504.3223, Mon.-Wed. noon-11 p.m., Thurs.-Sat. noon-2 a.m., Sun. noon-7 p.m.
  • ARTICLE: A look at dining in 2008 (OWR)
    Food for Thought: A look at dining in 2008
  • ARTICLE: Affordable Favorites (OCW)
    Dining critic Jim Delmont gives his Top 10 not-so-expensive eateries
  • ARTICLE: Best Pork Tenderloin Sandwich in Omaha (OWH)
    The sorts served at Barrett's Barleycorn Pub & Grill, Matt's Grill & Catering and Petrow's Restaurant got the most frequent cheers. Andrea McMahon described herself as "religious and fanatical" about the version she gets at Barrett's on Thursdays and Fridays: "One sandwich could easily feed two, but I've never found anyone willing to give up half their sandwich." Other readers liked versions at: Country Bar and Grill in Plattsmouth. Crescent Moon near 35th and Farnam Streets, where it's offered as a lunch special Thursdays only. Dairy Twist in Bellevue. Finicky Frank's in Florence. Hollywood Diner Jimmy C's Homestyle Cafe in Florence. Joe Banana's Leo's Diner in Benson, where it's the Thursday lunch special but available most other times, too. Louie M's Burger Lust Main Street Cafe in Louisville, Neb. Sam's Italian Villa in Council Bluffs. Sapp Brothers in Council Bluffs. Shucks Fish House and Oyster Bar Tanner's Bar and Grill Tiger Tom's
  • ARTICLE: Best of 2008 (OWH)
    10 Hot Spots; Restaurant standouts of 2008 tasty enough to make you a regular in 2009 The Flatiron Cafe Blue Sushi Sake Grill Twisted Cork Bistro Bella Vita Ristorante Bread & Cup Nebraska Brewing Company Finicky Frank's The Chatty Squirrel Cafe & Bakery Shucks Fish House & Oyster Bar Hartland Bar-B-Que
  • ARTICLE: Europe has food flourishes worth copying (OWH)
    LONDON, PARIS and ROME — A philosophical hit man in the movie "Pulp Fiction" sums up what's unique about Europe: the little things. Here are a few I'm trying back in our Omaha kitchen: Lemon, cucumber and fresh sage in the water pitcher. Artisanal yogurt in seasonal flavors Wine with lunch, whenever possible. Great bread and pastries sold by the people who make them. Hot tea with milk and sugar. At least one great cheese in the fridge at all times. Rich, dark coffee. Rustic, handmade pasta
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    The Omaha World-Herald restaurant critic's most memorable meals of 2007
  • ARTICLE: Omaha Restaurants - 2007 Year in Review
    I'm going to give you a Year in Review from your prospective. Here are the most popular items on GFC for 2007. These are in no real order and a lot of factors play into what appeared on this list, so don't read to much into the results.
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    Area restaurants' fixed price menus allow diners to eat more adventurously
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    Best ‘O’ 2007: Delmont’s favorite dining experiences from last year
  • ARTICLES: Omaha Brunch Bunch: Part 1
    We will be uncovering various brunch options in the Omaha area in hopes to increase awareness. Our photo reconnaissance has documented the following locations peddling eggs, waffles and other not-quite-breakfast/not-quite-lunch items to local diners.
  • GUIDES: 2008 KETV A-List
    The KETV A-List is a promotional contest and city guide conducted by KETV and CityVoter that profiles local businesses and allows consumers to vote for their favorites. Voting is conducted online at As the only image-based directory of local businesses, the KETV A-List brings together information and visual content to form a unique place for local businesses to promote their business.
  • Our top five local Mexican joints - Omaha Weekly Reader
    Guaca Maya Rivera’s Mexican Food El Alamo Hector’s Los Girasoles
  • PREVIEW: Ryan's Bistro (GFC)
    Since this is a preview, not a review of Ryan's Bistro, I'm not really going to critique our meal there. For the most part, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I will let you know, however, that we'll be back. That said, we did have some serious service issues, but those can easily be resolved; Dario's Brasserie is proof of that. When I brought those issues to Ryan's attention in our phone call, he mentioned that several parties RSVP'ed at the last minute which left them short staffed and it was their first night serving large parties. Like I said, something that is easily resolved. As for the food, there is a good mix of selection with some small twists to peak your interest level.
  • RESTARANT REVIEW: Big Mamma's Kitchen (OCW)
    Mama Mia!: One-of-a-kind home cookin’ at Big Mama’s Kitchen Big Mama’s Kitchen will be featured on the Food Network’s “Diner’s, Drive-ins, and Dives” on Tuesday, Oct. 6, at 9 p.m Big Mama’s also serves breakfast on the weekends, Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon and Sunday from 10 a.m. to noon Breakfast fare includes staples such as eggs, bacon, French toast and pancakes, as well as Big Mama’s famous made-from-scratch biscuits smothered in sausage gravy and breakfast casserole. Additional information can be found on their Web site at
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: 1892 German Beer Hall (OWR)
    Das Beer in Das Boot
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: 360 Steakhouse (OCW)
    Meat and Casinos: 360 Steakhouse a room with a view
    Two wildly different visits to 7 Monkeys
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: 801 Chophouse (OWH)
    The 411 on 801's delights Despite its recent rechristening as the 801 Chophouse, the steakhouse on the Paxton Building's ground floor lingers in local parlance as "The Paxton." On three recent visits to the dinner-only restaurant, those handsome carts yielded some of the best steaks I've had in Omaha; interesting and delicious, if expensive, side dishes; and, when cooked as ordered, the best pork chop I can recall. A gal could certainly do worse than a steak and a soufflé at the Pax— er, the 801 Chophouse.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: 801 Chophouse (OWH)
    The 411 on 801's delights Despite its recent rechristening as the 801 Chophouse, the steakhouse on the Paxton Building's ground floor lingers in local parlance as "The Paxton." Whatever you call it, it remains a fine place to surrender your wallet and worries. A gal could certainly do worse than a steak and a soufflé at the Pax— er, the 801 Chophouse.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: 94/95 Sports Grille (OWH)
    Good food but odd concept in pairing of sports, sit-down dining Though the food was mostly delicious, the modern dinnerware appealing, and the service friendly on three recent visits, I couldn't help but feel we'd landed in a nice steakhouse that had sprung up inside a professional athlete's den. I just still don't know about the concept. Sure, folks might want to hang out in a pro-baller's crib. But I'd bet even a back-to-back champion doesn't leave his jerseys in the dining room when company's coming
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Amarillo Barbecue (OWH)
    I've always been fond of Amarillo, which is near my home, and this latest visit only confirmed that the barbecue place deserves its great reputation.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Amato's Cafe & Catering (OWH)
    Quirky Amato's does Italian with a flair Last year, Amato's Cafe & Catering was featured on the Food Network's "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives." The little restaurant near 64th and Center Streets is neither a diner nor a drive-in. Owner Sam Amato doesn't kid himself: "It's a dive," he says, chuckling. On the weekends, it serves only breakfast. In the fall, winter and spring, it opens Wednesday evenings to serve a handful of dinner specials. If you want an Italian sausage and pepper sandwich, or any of its other deli sandwiches, you'll have to come on a weekday at lunch. The customers who wander freely into employee zones to help themselves to more coffee or cheese bread. My advice to them: Come hungry, come early and keep your eye on the plate.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: American G.I. Forum Restaurant (OWR)
    Tex-Mex and Togetherness: American G.I. Forum Restaurant is a hidden gem
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Americana Bistro (OWH)
    Prompt attention is a plus, but Americana Bistro needs work to fulfill ambition
    We went back to redneckhunter's home town of Omaha, Nebraska over Thanksgiving. There were 2 things redneckhunter wanted the second he stepped off the plane: crispy meat burritos from local Mexican fast food chain Amigo's -- seen above with dipping sauces and Mexifries (tater tots with seasoning salt);
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob (GFC)
    A quick pick review of Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob in Dundee.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Amsterdam Falafel and Kabob (GRF)
    It would be very to dismiss Amsterdam Falafel and Kabob as a hole in the wall gyro joint. But if you did that, you would be depriving yourself of one of the most interesting takes on Mediterranean cuisine I've ever had, and you would be worse off for it.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Amsterdam Falafel and Kabob (OCW)
    European Flair: Amsterdam Falafel and Kabob brings new fare to the heart of Dundee
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Amsterdam Falafel and Kabob (OWR)
    Street Food With Attitude
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Anthony's Steakhouse (FSM & GFC)
    For Food & Spirits Magazine’s latest round table review we ventured to an Omaha standard - Anthony’s Steakhouse located at 7220 F Street. Anthony’s Steakhouse has been an Omaha mainstay for over 40 years. In it’s early days Anthony’s seated 165 people with another 100 in the lounge. But after a fire July 21, 1969 Anthony’s has expanded not only the dining area, but also expanded the lounge and added the new party/banquet rooms that seat over 400 people. Combined with the Ozone Lounge (which features live music), Anthony’s has adapted with the changing face of the restaurant industry and continues to be known for some of the best steaks in town. Favorite Appetizer: Crab & Artichoke Dip Favorite Entree: Prime Rib Favorite Dessert: Turtle Cheesecake
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: B & G Tasty Foods (TOC)
    This has been an Omaha institution since 1956. I would urge everyone in Omaha who likes burgers to give this place a whirl. Oh, their sign makes me think of Jamaica or Brazil. They really need a good Neon sign to reflect the places heritage. 4.5 Rating
    Bailey's puts tasty twist on your favorite fare
    Breakfast & Lunch
    Review: Roadwork may not fully explain dearth of diners at Barley's Which drives restaurant and bar business more: the traffic in the vicinity or the quality of food inside? It's hard to say. Despite near-full front and rear parking lots, Barley's was so dead on weekday lunch visits in early April that I'm a little surprised it's still open. The food also was so average-Joe on those visits and two busier evenings that I'm reluctant to blame the dearth of diners entirely on road construction. Yet the service was so friendly - imperfect but personable and clearly trying - that I'm willing to give the six-month-old Omaha version of the Council Bluffs original the benefit of the doubt. One happy surprise worth going back for: the house-made potato chips.... I suspect a few more diners - and a little more practice - are all they need. Here's hoping they get enough of both to keep things rolling until late November or mid-December, when Cuming Street is expected to reopen.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Bella Vita Ristorante (OWH)
    Elkhorn bistro feels, tastes like bit of Italy
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Best of 2006 (OCW)
    Excellent Eats A look back at best Omaha dining spots of 2006
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Betty’s Fish Kitchen
    Focused on Fish: Catfish is the star of the simple and delicious menu at Betty’s Fish Kitchen
    The duck confit is my favorite thing on the dinner menu there. (Close with the carpaccio though.)
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Biaggi's - Omaha, NE (GFC)
    Besides the duck confit, I highly recommend the Penne Sardi.
    Clever and Tasty: Bianco’s Northern Italian fare among best in city
    Food is as chic as décor at Bianco
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Bianco Ristorante Italiano (GFC)
    A review of Happy Hour at Roja Mexican Grill, Bianco Ristorante Italiano, Blue Sushi Sake Grill in Omaha.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Big Horn Mountain Barbeque (OCW)
    Smoky Vinton St. Ribs: Big Horn Mountain serves up BBQ with a strong touch of hickory
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Big Mama's House
    Slow-cooked soul food, full of love
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Big Mama's Kitchen (OWH)
    Big Mama says to sit a spell
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Billy Frogg's Bar & Grill (GRF)
    ==NinjaDebugger== As for the sandwich, it was surprisingly good. A nice sized chicken breast, on a nice thick bun, with two types of cheese and lots of (I think) handmade marinara. ==Moogle== I was a little worried ordering the hot dog that I'd be hungry afterward. When this beast came to the table, I quickly decided it was a great choice. This thing was a footlong (as they said in the menu), but it was no wimpy, skinny dog. ==Chamelaeon== The patty melt was surprising. The construction was the same as any good melt - a generous patty, some good marbled rye bread, and some cheese which may have been Swiss but was probably Monterey Jack (if it was Swiss it might as well have been MoJack, since it had no bite). The prices here may be a little overinflated, but to be honest they're cheaper than something off TGI Friday's menu, and the food is decent enough if you're in the mood for the bar and grill genre.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Bishop’s Bar & Grill (OCW)
    Living the Dream: New Bishop’s Bar & Grill is right on the money
    Bistro or Bust: 121’s the number for good European eats.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Blue Line Coffee (OWH)
    New Slowdown cafe isn't fast, but its fare is worth the wait. When you're in the mood to linger, there's something enchanting about a place that moves at such a plodding pace. It's only maddening if you're the hungry, caffeine-deprived person at the end of the line or — like McClellan — the overworked fellow waiting behind the counter for the steady foot traffic that will both force and allow swifter service. To both those folks, I'd offer this reminder and advice: Good things come to those who wait. Bring a book and step aboard. You're on a slow ride to a happy, tasty place.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Blue Line Coffee (OWR)
    Blue Part Two: Blue Line overcomes caffeine headaches to launch new location
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Blue Planet Natural Grill (GRF)
    ==NinjaDebugger== I'd definitely eat here again, though it wouldn't really be my main choice, but being at around 60th and center makes it nice and accessible for a lot of people, at a pretty good price for what you get. ==Chamelaeon== I've eaten here maybe a dozen times before, and danced around the menu quite a bit. Their pizzas are good, if you can get one - they have a tendency to sell out of the materials by dinnertime (they may have fixed this, but I don't know for sure) - but the thing I like most on their menu is probably their bowls, which combine a decent amount of food with some good tastes. ==Mecha== The place has a lot of options that seem worth pursuing, and I'd definitely consider it a second and third time. My main curiosity is how well it works for pre-order/takeout, since it has to compete with Gandolfos for me there (they're in the same minimall area), and Gandolfos is no slouch.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Blue Planet Natural Grill (OCW)
    Healthy People, Healthy Planet: Good feelings and good food the name of the game at new Aksarben restaurant So the real question is – how does the food taste? Are the “sun-baked” fries as good as the full-fat version offered at other casual dining establishments? As much as it pains me to admit, considering that I love fried foods – the non-fried french fries are definitely as good, if not better. And to make sure that it wasn’t just the fries that were good, I also tried the onion rings and sweet potato chips. It was amazing to see that each of these items looked, tasted and even appeared fried. However, not only are they not fried, they contain 70 percent less fat and oil than traditional fried foods. Rich Barmettler, from Barmettler Consulting Group, explains that beyond the flavor of the foods, there is a cause and effect. “This food re-energizes people,” he said. “It gives them energy after eating – it’s the anti-fast food hangover.”
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Blue Planet Natural Grill (OWR)
    Down-to-Earth Eats: Natural Grill brings every-day taste to good health Every vegan, vegetarian and conspicuously health- conscious individual is familiar with the question. “So what can you eat?” Popular notions include, but are not limited to: cardboard, nothing but tofu and, the ever-classic, bark. Enter Blue Planet Natural Grill, at 65th and Center, a haven for those vegans, vegetarians, health-nuts and anti-gluten-ites who prefer something other than overpriced pinecones. Both wraps and burgers come with SunFries, a baked alternative to french fries, offering 50-70 percent less fat. Following the American diet assimilation into healthful alternatives, these fries are as tempting as any other forgettable crispy. However, there is a far superior upgrade to these spuds, the Sweet Potato Home Fries. While lacking the typical consistency of a fry, the flavor is the love child of french fry and pumpkin pie with a cinnamon kick nearly worth a repeat at dessert.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Blue Sushi - Downtown (OCW)
    Boys in Blue: Ex-New Yorker has to hand it to Progressive Enterprises and their new downtown sushi joint their new downtown sushi joint
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Blue Sushi - Old Market (OWR)
    New Blue: Blue Sushi heads east After conquering west Omaha, the folks at Progressive Enterprises looked eastward. They’ve gone all the way to the Old Market, opening the third Blue Sushi Sake in late August in the former Jobber’s Canyon space on 12th Street.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Blue Sushi Sake Grill (GFC)
    A review of Happy Hour at Roja Mexican Grill, Bianco Ristorante Italiano, Blue Sushi Sake Grill in Omaha. Roja: 79 points; Bianco: 89 points; Blue Sushi: 84 points;
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Blue Sushi Sake Grill - Old Market (OWH)
    Otherwordly eatery offers Asian fusion menu On one hand, the new Blue Sushi Sake Grill in the Old Market is a sexy, modern, otherworldly dream. Its blue-hued dining room beckons with trancelike music, cool-to-the-touch stone counters, pale woods, a fishless aquarium and images of rolling surf on a giant flat screen behind the sushi bar. On the other hand, that urban cool doesn't come cheap. And when it comes to straight-up sashimi, I prefer Sakura Bana. Perhaps the Blue sushi chef was trying to be generous, but the sashimi pieces he gave me seemed too big and unwieldy. The thick chunks of whitefish (halibut), salmon and tuna felt flabby in my mouth and had sandy or slightly cloudy surfaces. Hitchcock said Blue's sashimi is not normally as large as I described, and that finding and training skilled sushi chefs is an ongoing challenge. To top the hill, it needs only polish the stone a bit and keep pushing.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Bohemian Cafe (OWH)
    Czech comfort food at its authentic best You'll either love or hate it. Enough people have loved the Bohemian Cafe to keep it in business for 84 years, most of that time under the direction of the Kapoun family. Kolaches are a hallmark of the Bohemian Cafe, which itself is a hallmark of South 13th Street. On my last visit, I left stuffed. Still, I wanted a slice of the jaegerschnitzel (veal in a wine-and-mushroom sauce). And at least a bite of the svickova (Czech sauerbraten). And maybe just one of the cinnamon-sugar-dusted plum dumplings. And perhaps a sip or two of the "Czech Sidecar" (a cocktail made with the aged plum brandy known as Slivovitz).
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Bohemian Cafe (TOC)
    Slice me off some Omaha History. Bohemian Cafe it is! This is an Omaha Classic. This place is our history and needs to be visited time and time again. Go RE-DISCOVER this gem in the Crown of Omaha!
    No Bones About It: Bonefish Grill
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Bonefish Grill (OCW)
    Gone Bonefishing: Superb service and delicious entrees highlights of new Omaha seafood restaurant
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Bonefish Grill (OWR)
    Denizen of the Deep - Bonefish Grill promises and delivers
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Boyd & Charlie's BBQ (GFC)
    A place with pretty good BBQ sandwiches and a few stellar sides. Stop by if you're in the area; or if my pictures and description of the food have piqued your interest, make a special trip out there I think you'll be glad you did.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Boyd and Charlie's (GOBS)
    See page 5. Ratings (Sonny Ashford/GOBS members): FOOD (9.5/8.5); Atmosphere (10/8.9); Service (10/9); Value (9/9);
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Boyd and Charlie's (OWH)
    Boyd and Charlie's: A barbecue horn of plenty
    Overall, I've been here twice, and if we weren't on this whole "new place every week" thing, I'd advocate going there more often. This is definitely the sort of place you can go back to over and over again without it getting old.
    Lincoln eatery turns to what the earth is yielding nearby In early August, Bread & Cup was all about sweet corn and heirloom tomatoes. Now it has moved on to pumpkins, apples and sage. Kevin and Karen Shinn's 13-month-old restaurant - off Eighth and S Streets on the north side of Lincoln's Haymarket district - turns with the seasons. I left wanting to come back for whatever they might be serving in fall, in winter, in spring. Something tells me it'll be simple and seasonal. I don't doubt it will be delicious. And I'm pretty sure it will be slow - in the best possible sense of the word.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Breakfast at Bailey's & The Market Basket (OCW)
    Breakfast Clubs: Fine early morning eating at two Omaha restaurants
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Bredeaux Pizza (GRF)
    Bredeaux Pizza is an Iowa-based regional chain, but it's not all that prolific. Give them a shot, they're a chain that deserves more business.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Brewburger's (GRF)
    ==Chamelaeon== If you find yourself of a mood for some interesting meats, have some extra cash to spare, and a football game to watch, definitely drop in. If only the first two apply, you should still give it a try, if you think you can ignore the college sports team logos on the ceiling tiles. ==NinjaDebugger== Brewburgers' schtick pretty much seems to be a lot of very good burger options, plus a lot of beer options, plus sports bar. I don't know about the beer, but the burgers part, it does damn well, if a bit on the pricey side. Okay, a fair bit on the pricey side. On the other hand, the sheer variety of meats available may well make it worth it. Just... not very often. ==Mecha== Guacamole: Fantastic. Oh man, was it fantastic guac. On the overall, the place is definitely a cut above, and the price is also a cut above. ==MapleSyrup== The Guacamole was delicious and well worth the price. The Maverick Burger was a very good... It was a small burger for the price.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Brewburger's (OWH)
    Jersey-clad servers were on their game at Brewburger's
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Brother Sebastian's (MISC)
    Being in the land of corn-fed beef, we had to go to a steakhouse while we were in Omaha. Opting between cheesy vs. traditional ambience, we made a choice that was somewhere in the middle. At Brother Sebastian's you are greeted by Gregorian chants playing on loudspeakers in the parking lot. The decor inside is Epcot Center medieval monastery, and the wait staff are dressed in Franciscan robes. Redneckhunter's brother opted for the Sirloin Sebastian (above), cooked a perfect medium rare (as evidenced by the blood on the plate), and smothered in mushrooms and Hollandaise sauce. Redneckhunter and I shared a sirloin for two - that's only my half below, along with all the sides and trimmings.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Brother Sebastian's Steakhouse (MISC/WGE)
    Will Chant for Food: Brother Sebastian's Steakhouse
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Brother Sebastian’s (OCW)
    High Steaks: Brother Sebastian's survives chains, still serving choice cuts
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Brother Sebastian’s (OWR)
    Meat and Monks: Brother Sebastian’s has been serving up godly goods since the ’70s
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Brother Sebastian’s Steakhouse and Winery (OCW)
    Brother’s a Keeper: Steakhouse and winery answers the city’s new a la carte competition
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Brunettes Bistro (OCW)
    ‘Splendido!’: New bistro has a future at 120th and Blondo streets By Jim Delmont - Omaha City Weekly This is a pleasant little place, with excellent table service, lots of friendly advice from general manager Jill Volpi and assistant manager Kristin McCurdy, and a creative effort in the kitchen from chef Swartz and sous chef C.J. Bruckner. It is doing very good lunch business and is open seven days for dinner. Sunday brunch may be added down the road.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Buffalo Wild Wings (GRF)
    ==Chamelaeon== My verdict on this place is Would Eat Again, as a safe destination for business lunches when I'm not sure my colleagues are going to be into, say, baba ghanouj. ==NinjaDebugger== I wasn't part of the group Cham was talking about, having gone to school in merry old fatass-ville, where you can get anything at all delivered right to your door. I'm afraid that having eaten at so many other places now, this one doesn't seem so appealing anymore. Except that garlic parmesan sauce. I might have to go buy me a bottle or three. ==Moogle== I agree that the boneless are on the dry side. You may be able to get that extra sauce. Honey Barbecue is a good, flavorful sauce with what I think is just the right amount of heat to it. The Cajun Jerk is on the upper end of my heat tollerance/bravery. I think it has decent flavor to it as well, but a few boneless with that starts to make me sweat. ==MapleSyrup== Overall, I'd still eat there again.
    Review: Burger Star rocks at last Burgers were cravably good, fries were fresh and sides were flavorful. Order takers and food runners were more engaged. And Burger Star appeared to have found its groove. You still have to write your own order and get your own beverage. You still have to wait a few minutes - or even a few songs - to get your meal. And you'll pay a tick more for the new, bigger burger - about $8 to $12 with a side and a drink. But the burger and fries now seem worth your modest investment. And that truly rocks.
    Up-and-coming 'Star' no main act yet
    Lucky Star: Burger Star stacks up Our bill totaled $29.33. A little bit pricey for burgers, but with the heaping amount of delicious, mouth-watering food we received, as well as the burger joint’s easy-going ambience, it was well worth it. Hard Rock Café may be all sizzle and no steak, but Burger Star gives you just the right amounts of both sizzle and steak. Er … burger.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: California Pizza Kitchen (OCW)
    California Pizza Kitchen: Upscale pizza franchise opens its doors to Omaha at One Pacific Place
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: California Pizza Kitchen (OWH)
    No charge for casual cool at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Caniglia's Venice Inn (GRF)
    ==Chamelaeon== The pesto chicken was good, but not overwhelmingly delicious....The chicken wasn't as flavorful as it could have been...The single downside was that it could have greatly benefited from some fresh-grated parmesan...I have heard good things about the steak here, and I might try that at some point... ==NinjaDebugger== I am a man who loves his alfredo. This alfredo, it did not love me back. It was bitter... ==Moogle== Overall, it was decent food with reasonable prices, but you may have to look for some of the dishes that they do best. I would come back to give it another shot. ==MapleSyrup== The Fettucini Alfredo, as ND has already said, was bitter and needed a big helping of parmesan added. I left the place with half of my serving still on the plate. ==Mecha== Lunch may not be the best time to give this place a shot..., and it may smooth out some of the inconsistencies to give it another shot at dinner.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Caribbean Delight (OWH)
    In 'island mode,' diners relax, savor taste of Caribbean
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Cascio's Steak House (OWH)
    Family caters to families at Cascio's BY JOHN KEENAN (Published Friday January 13, 2006)
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Cascio's Steak House (OWH)
    Family caters to families at Cascio's
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Charleston's (OWH)
    Charleston's a delicious link in food chain
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Charleston’s (OCW)
    Touch of Class: Charleston’s still a crowd pleaser
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Charlie's (NOT) on the Lake (MASP)
    Check Out My Spice Rack: Charlie's Not On The Lake, The Other One
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Chatty Squirrel Café and Bakery (OWR)
    Healthy Chat: New café-style eatery offers the baked goods
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Chicago Dawg House (GFC)
    I'm not from Chicago, so I can't vouch for the authenticity of the "dawgs" at Chicago Dawg House. I can, however, vouch that it's a tasty dog. And the fact that they ship in most of their product from the windy city has to account for something.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Chicago Dawg House (GRF)
    ==NinjaDebugger== Chicago Dawg House is tiny. It's mocked up to look kind of like a Wrigley Field concessions stand, I guess, and they went so far as to have actual fence put up on the bloody wall, so I suppose you can't fault the atmosphere. There is, however, a distinct lack of seating. All the seating consists of a single row of stools under a large counter along one wall. I was less than pleased with the seating, and while the food didn't quite make up for it, it was good enough that if they fixed the seating issue, I'd go back. ==Chamelaeon== Personal disclaimer: I am from the Chicagoland area. That means, if I wanted to, I could replace this block of text with a one sentence review that should tell you everything you need to know: "The hot dogs at Chicago Dawg House are adequate." Luckily for you, Chicago Dawg House does as well. ==Mecha== Having gone to Portillo's in mid May, I have to say that this place definitely satisfies on the dog front....Kudos.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Chicago Dawg House (OCW)
    Good Dawg: It’s a taste of Chicago – mainly its famous hot dog – at 108th and Maple streets. For those displaced Chicagoans, or for those of you who don’t feel the need to brave O’Hare to get a good hot dog, the Chicago Dawg House is the place to go to curb your City of Broad Shoulder cravings. Just be careful wearing white, that bright green relish can be murder to get out.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Chicago Dawg House (OWH)
    Good Dawg: A taste of Chicago you won't soon forget
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Chicago Dawg House (OWR)
    Brand-New Buns: Chicago Dawg House brings taste of the Windy City to Omaha
    This is a place I regularly order delivery from, and I do it because it's very solid food. China Garden pairs exceptional cooking with exceptional value. I order delivery often, and they do deliver to a very wide range.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Colton's Woodfired Grill (OWH)
    Rustic meets upscale at elegant Colton's
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Come On Into My Kitchen (OWH)
    Cozy eatery puts kitchen, chef at center stage
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Confluence Books and Bistro (OWH)
    Beyond the books lies a bistro - Confluence Books, Bistro and Business Center Fredy Hiltbrunner, longtime chef at the now-closed Cafe de Paris, served as consulting chef to Confluence. Josh Williams is head chef. Audrey Lassik is pastry chef.
    ==NinjaDebugger== Crystal Jade's a great restaurant, and I hope anybody who reads this gives it a try, because it's totally worth the money. Give them a shot, you won't regret it. ==Moogle== A bad mark on the service, however: the sandwich was supposed to come with fries, and I never received them. I considered ordering eggrolls (because the meal seemed so light), but the waitress was never at the table long enough for me to ask. I don't think there was any issue last time we went, however. ==Chamelaeon== Despite my mixed reviews on the appetizers and sides, I can unequivocally recommend the chicken rendang. ==Mecha== I don't think the place will be supplanting as my favorite chinese anytime soon, but the increase in options and difference in styles gives me the option of a slight break in ordinary chinese food, and that's a good thing.
    A gem worthy of love The wonton soup worked its magic: fresh slices of scallion floating in a glistening broth, one fat dumpling (more seasoned pork than noodle, with the occasional crunch of ginger), and a few strips of Chinese-barbecued pork. Even without dessert, entrée portions were big enough for two. It's a standout anyone would feel lucky to find.
    More Fruit Than Fire: Cuba Linda brings a welcoming, sweet, ethnic flavor
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Cuba Linda Restaurant (OWH)
    New eatery sings a song of Cuba
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Dario's Brasserie (GFC)
    I like beer. Dario likes beer. I like Dario.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Dario's Brasserie (OWH)
    Dario's adding panache to casual, comfort foods
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Dario's Brasserie (OWH)
    Dario's adding panache to casual, comfort foods
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Dario’s Brasserie (OCW)
    Super Dario’s: Dundee restaurant is more than worth checking out
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Darwin Bistro (GFC)
    I'm going to let you in on my new favorite restaurant in Omaha. I might dare say it's also the best, but I think I'm too biased at this point to make that call.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Darwin Bistro (OCW)
    The Evolution of Food: Darwin’s joins fine dining establishments in Omaha
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Darwin Bistro (OWH)
    New bistro's a rare find
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Dickey’s Barbecue Pit (OCW)
    Bring on the BBQ: Dickey’s throws its hat into the ring of Omaha BBQ joints
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Dinker's Bar & Grill - Omaha, NE (GFC)
    Omaha's Best Burger
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Dinker’s Bar and Grill (OCW)
    Well Done: Dinker’s still thriving – and pleasing burger lovers 6212 in South O. Is Dinker’s really worthy of the title “Best Burger in Omaha”? This past Friday I brought a couple of friends, two veritable carnivores, along with me to put the title to the test. I think we were all in agreement that the best feature of a Dinker’s burger has to be the quality of the tender-yet-lean beef. It certainly ranks up there with the best I’ve had in Omaha.
    Though I only had two opportunities to eat at Dixie Quicks during my time in Omaha, I will definitely list it as one of the places I miss.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Dixie Quicks Magnolia Room (OCW)
    Southern Hospitality: It’s down home food at downtown Omaha institution
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Doc & Eddie's (OCW)
    New barbecue joint already established in Southwest Omaha
    BBQ mix-up has a happy ending
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Don Carmelo's (OCW)
    Pizza Don: Don Carmelo's continues to thrive in the Big O
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Donut Professor (MASP)
    They make a true cruller. TRUE CRULLER. I cannot get past how rare this is and I cannot describe how sublime it is to finally have them in reach. The (One Holy) True Cruller is made with a very eggy batter, only slightly sweet.
    Verdict: Would Eat Again... It's strange that this place seems to have trouble with the appetizer/bar food side of things, but them managing to have decent entrees is very nice for what we were actually going for, which is to say lunch.
    Dundee Delmont: CW critic analyzes Dundee neighborhood dining spot
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Egg Rolls to Go (OWH)
    Bellevue restaurant offers handmade Korean delights The more I write about food, the more I realize how vague "authentic" is when applied to cuisine. Authentic Korean? Maybe. Genuinely delicious? You bet.
    The Eagle: Made-from-scratch recipes make El Aguila a favorite
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: El Basha Mediterranean Grill (GRF)
    ==Chamelaeon== Given the option, I'd probably go for the gyro or something a little more interesting next time. Most importantly, though, the time it took to order, get the food, and eat it was less than an hour by far, which is good for when you're in a crunch but want to avoid "fast food". All in all, I might start suggesting it as a regular destination for meals, even if I did wind up having had a little too much garlic for even my comfort. ==NinjaDebugger== I really don't think I'd come here again, given a choice, but if you like the more authentic foods from the area, go for it. ==Moogle== The bit of falafel I had was good and less dry than AFK. I'd eat there again, especially since I'm in the area fairly often. It'd be worth another visit or two to try a few other items. ==Mecha== The place's speed and flavor makes it a good place for a lunch visit, a bit expensive compared to a value meal or whatnot, there's a lot more here than you'll get in a fast food paper bag.
    A review by Omaha Food and Spirits with snekse from GFC as a guest panelist
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: España Tapas Bar (OCW)
    On Tapas: España bringing a little bit of Spain to the Benson area
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Ethiopian Restaurant (OWR)
    Ethiopian Exchange: Family style and spice make restaurants nice We go into restaurants with expectations: of a certain ambience, of menu, of silverware, beverage choices, service and plating. We’re usually unhappy when our expectations are not fulfilled. But sometimes we can still be pleased even when they go unmet. In fact, the first time I went to Ethiopian Restaurant, 25th and Leavenworth, at 6:45 p.m. on a Friday night, I expected it to be open, but they had stopped serving food at 6:30 p.m. I could see, from my vantage point in the adjacent African grocery store, a few diners finishing meals and watching the restaurant’s flat screen TV broadcasting news and sports from Ethiopia. I could smell spices throughout the store and was immediately intrigued. We left Ethiopian Restaurant after spending $30 for five people with three to-go boxes in hand.’s best to leave expectations at home. open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Call 345.0265 for more information.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Ethnic Sandwich Shop (OWH)
    Little sandwich place serves up tasty food. The 30-year-old shop offers a French dip, a Polish sausage, a weekly Philly steak special, an Irish corned beef, a hot beef with gravy and some American chef salads.
    See page 3. Ratings (Jim Carter/GOBS members): FOOD (9/9); Atmosphere (8/7.3); Service (10/9.1); Value (9/8.9);
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: FarmHousE Cafe & Bakery
    I strive to find something to rave about in each review, but honestly everything I had here falls into the "average to good" category. Which, you know, is fine for a lunch or so, but I'm not very eager to give it another shot.
    No B-Lister: Farmer B’s another star for Nebraska steakhouse tradition
    Fatburger is another burger in beef country. Fatburger calls itself "The Last Great Hamburger Stand." Maybe in a suburban area that doesn't already have great burger originals - such as Louie M's Burger Lust or Stella's Bar & Grill - that's true.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Fernando's On Pacific (GRF)
    ==NinjaDebugger== If it weren't for the somewhat lackluster appetizer menu, I'd easily rate this above my favorite, Senor Matias, but as it is, it's just a tad short. It's still a damn good choice, though, and if you're not up for appetizers or a bit of non-mexican food, I'd come here without hesitation. ==Chamelaeon== My verdict is Would Eat Again, especially with the free suckers they give you with the check. ==Mecha== Still, reasonable prices and good flavors. I'd want to mix it up next time, but I'd give it another shot. ==Moogle== I'd visit again. It didn't think it stood from the crowd terribly well, but it was a good meal. They do have some other, less-standard options as well as some non-Mexican choices. ==MapleSyrup== Overall, I liked the place and would advocate going back. The bucket of suckers that came with the check, of course, had absolutely no effect on that opinion *cough*
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Feta's Gyros & Catering (OWH)
    Baklava at the second Feta's Gyros fit for the gods Forget about the gyros at the newest Feta's Gyros. And the falafel. And the hummus. But they pale in comparison to the baklava - which is monumentally, phenomenally, transcendentally delicious. They sent me home once with potato-based moussaka instead of the noodle-based pastitsio I'd ordered and paid for. They didn't offer dessert and had to be reminded that we'd ordered baklava. And they didn't come around to clear tables or ask how anything was, even when just three tables were occupied. Still, the portions were generous, the baklava memorable and the price nice - particularly in these penny-pinching times. Most entrees (with sides) were in the $6 to $10 range. One dinner for four, sans drinks, ran about $35, including tax. And lunch for two, with desserts and drinks, was about $24. Maybe it would draw more if the name were Feta's Baklava.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Finicky Frank's (OWH)
    At first whiff, Florence cafe tells you something good is cooking Meatloaf in the oven. Mirepoix in a pot. Butter on a hot griddle. And some lovely something or other taking a dip in the fryer. Quibbles were few for a restaurant so new: Service was plodding at points but folksy, enthusiastic and not without its charms. Thankfully, what lingered longer was the flavor: I can still taste that lemon-poppy-seed dressing and that creamy potato-and-blue-cheese soup.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Finicky Frank's (OWR)
    Finicky Frank’s menu is diverse and deliciously homemade, ranging from handcrafted burgers and hand-cut fries to artisan pizza and unique starters. While waiting for your meal you can enjoy appetizers such as baked escargot with havarti or an assorted cheese and fruit plate. Finicky Frank’s menu is diverse and deliciously homemade, ranging from handcrafted burgers and hand-cut fries to artisan pizza and unique starters. Finicky Frank’s takes everyday food and kicks it up a notch with a touch of Kesa’s unique style. Regarding my meal at Finicky Franks, I would like to add, "and it was yummy."
    Foodies of Omaha (F.O.O.D.) Meeting - March 2006
    I would say that "Ok but not spectacular" sums up the Firebirds experience.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Firewater Grille (GRF)
    This place is definitely worth a second visit.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Firewater Grille (OCW)
    Island Cuisine: Firewater Grille shifts focus to becoming food first.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Flatiron Café (OCW)
    Nouvelle Cuisine: Flatiron Café a premier fine dining experience
    Getting Attention: Wines and a beefed-up menu among the many highlights at Fleming’s
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Fleming’s Steakhouse (OWR)
    Fleming’s helps guests. Every summer, Fleming’s Steakhouse chooses new wines to offer for the next year. About 60 of the wines his restaurant serves are the same at all locations, and about 40 are chosen by his local wine manager.
    IMNSHO Frank's is the best pizza in Omaha. THE BEST. Try it. They also have good cannoli, good chicken parm sandwiches and stromboli. 132nd and Dodge.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Frank’s Pizzeria (OWR)
    Taste of New York: Pizzeria serves up an authentic slice of Brooklyn
    French Cafe menu includes stars, slackers and oddities
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Fuddruckers (OCW)
    Pleasant and Efficient: New West O Fuddruckers offering huge variety of burger combos
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: G & J's Kitchen Southern Cuisine (OWH)
    Unless you're blessed with very high metabolism, to have a decent fried chicken joint in your neighborhood is a dangerous thing. For at least a decade, I lived nowhere near such a place and was able to relegate fried chicken to a rare, indulgent splurge. My lucky streak ran out, however, with the recent opening of G & J's Kitchen Southern Cuisine in Benson. It's neither as upscale as it seems to want to be (candles on the tables, chef in chef's coat) nor as dive-y and down-home as a shabby exterior and cheap prices imply. ...the staff is friendly and laid-back....And the chicken on recent visits was deliciously evil - bad for the arteries but perfect for takeout. Crisp and flaky fried catfish filets in cornmeal breading came a close second to the chicken. On my visits, a steady stream of Bensonites and bar-goers traipsed in - exchanging small bills for phoned-in orders of fried chicken, some lamenting the undoing of another resolution.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Gandolfo's New York Delicatessen (GRF)
    ==NinjaDebugger== The dagwood...There is only one sandwich that can compare to this, really, and that's the monster called the Gargantuan, at Jimmy John's. ==Chamelaeon== The Coney Island Gyro... it came out very good..l. The bread had a flavor, which is nice, and the meat was cooked and seasoned well...If you closed your eyes and squinted, it did almost taste like a strange sort of gyro. ==Moogle== The Manhattan Transfer... I do like the bread, and it seemed like a more quality sandwich than any of the other standard sandwich chains mentioned above. It was bigger than most, but it still seemed a tad more expensive for the size. The quality may be worth it however. ==MapleSyrup== The bread it came on was great. I think it was actually better than Jimmy John's. It had a nice crust and was a touch flakey. The sandwich itself worked better than I expected. The cream cheese and steak sauce gave it a bit of a tang and nothing was too overpowering.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Genji Japanese Steakhouse
    Dinner Theater: Cooks put on a show while serving at Genji Steakhouse
    ==Chamelaeon== Gerda's is a fantastic culinary gem, and you can be sure that at some point we'll be back to review their dinner offerings - and their beers. There's sure to be a lager there with my name on it. ==NinjaDebugger== Really, the only bad thing about Gerda's was the parking. I would be most happy to return here to try the dinner, as there were a number of things on the menu that looked enticing. ==Moogle== It's a pretty nice place. The people are friendly. Now that I know where it is, I'll be sure to stop by now and then. I was afraid that there weren't any more German restaurants after Edelweiss closed. ==Mecha== All in all, the parking's the only thing that makes this a downer for me.... You do not pick up the dinner menu at lunch. Do not make Gerda angry at you. (This is also why we have to go back another time.) ==MapleSyrup== Besides the parking, the only other issue I had was that it was a can o' soda. Nevertheless, I look forward to going back for dinner.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Gold Mountain (OWH)
    Watch, ask, taste: Curiosity rewarded at Gold Mountain Some restaurants yield their secrets carefully, a layer at a time, in measured response to diners' curiosity. Gold Mountain, a Chinese restaurant in an unassuming northwest Omaha strip mall, is such a place. I'm ashamed to say it's been off my radar for most of its 4½ years. I spotted it only while taking an alternate route home, and I went in only on a fellow foodie's report that it offered dim sum (the Chinese version of tapas — small plates — a la carte, perfect for sharing). On my weekend visit, I couldn't help but notice the only other Caucasians who weren't there for takeout: a couple sharing a platter of lo mein and stealing curious glances at our table. I smiled with the hope that, in their own good time, they'd ask what we were having.
    F.O.O.D. Meeting - February 2006
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Granite City Food & Brewery (OCW)
    Mega Bites: Granite City opens in Omaha with its own brews and diverse eats
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Greek Islands
    We've been to this place twice, and both times were worth every last penny. Go there, but you might want to consider making it a late lunch, because it's got a great location, and since most people tend to try for an early lunch, it fills up fast...
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Gusto Cuban Cafe (GRF)
    ==NinjaDebugger== Papa Rellena a la Gusto ended up being a spectacularly bad lunch for me. Man, that fried chicken was good. ==Mecha== unique good food at a leisurely pace ==Chamelaeon== I'd be more than willing to go back here several times, eating around the menu and exploring various flavors. Though it'd be tough not getting that chicken again. Or just the sampler platter. ==Moogle== The sandwich was delicious and pretty filling. It was good food, but it was a very long wait. I'm glad I wasn't in a hurry.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Gusto Cuban Cafe (OWH)
    Cafe's style, flavor might make you feel Cuban for a day
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Gusto Cuban Café (OWR)
    Tropical Tasty: Gusto Cuban Café gives you an island — in spirit and portions
    A taste of Korea
    I Eats Me Spinach at Han Kuk Kwan: Korean jambalaya and a side of kim chi
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Han Kuk Kwan Korean Restaurant (GRF)
    Service was a bit slow, but I'm guessing that was because there was only one person working. Overall though, I was pleased with the meal. Give it a try if you're feeling experimental. A little effort will almost surely find you something you like.
    I'd go again, but from what I tasted around the table I'd wind up with the same sandwich and perhaps a different side, if I didn't try something out of the Italian part of the menu. And we have too many other places to go for me to start repeating food.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Harkert's Bar-B-Q (OCW)
    Seal of Approval: Harkert’s Bar-B-Q just like a Sunday picnic
    Hartland’s flavor groups it with Omaha’s BBQ best When I told friends that I needed to visit Hartland Bar-B-Que for this review, they were practically begging to go with. Seemingly everybody I talked to (many of whose culinary tastes I greatly trust) had nothing but good things to report. Barbecue, admittedly, is a tricky food to be critical of. So much of it can taste the same, and so many of its menu items are identical, that it’s easy to lump them all together. Rarely does one barbecue joint truly distinguish itself from another. And if I’m being at all honest, I’m not sure there’s a huge difference between Hartland and the other local staples such as McKenna’s, the Smoke Pit or Big Horn Mountain. But the place is definitely well run, both in the front of the house and in the back. And its focus was solely on the barbecue and smoked meats; there were no alcohol sales, no hamburgers, no nacho appetizers or anything like that. Just some of the best barbecue I’ve ever had.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Hartland Bar-B-Que (OWH)
    Diners ascend into a glorious realm of unabashed meatiness
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Hawaiian Grill (OCW)
    Choices, choices: A menu with 127 items part of eatery’s appeal
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Hawaiian Grill (OWR)
    Choice Cuisine: Hawaiian Grill has much to offer
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Hector's Mexican Restaurant (GRF)
    Overall, I have to say I wouldn't put this place ahead of Senor Matias or Jonesey's, but it's not a bad diversion. And I imagine that the fishier dishes are probably better, but they're way more expensive. Too expensive for me.
    Did You Ever Know That You're My Hiro?
    Be A Hiro: Chinese and sushi menu taking off
    Chinese Food…the way it was meant to be. Over our five years of patronage, we have enjoyed both the Japanese and Chinese food served at Hiro. This post, however, is specifically about the Chinese Menu. Plusses: Hiro’s Chinese food is by far the best we’ve had, and we have eaten A LOT of Chinese food, in a lot of cities, with a lot of “Ambiguous Chicken”. The owners are also a big plus, as is the spectacular service we’ve come to expect at Hiro. Minuses: The only one we can force ourselves to come up with is that Hiro has gotten very busy. Thankfully, the owners are opening a second restaurant in the Old Market area - so we expect this mini-minus to be resolved soon! Overall Impression: You will not find better Chinese food in all of Omaha than that served at Hiro Sushi. The biggest problem is picking just one dish. So we recommend choosing several. Have we mentioned it’s also great cold the next morning?
    Hiro is consistent. Top quality food, great atmosphere, traditional sushi, they let the fish speak for its self. They have a Chinese kitchen as well that makes the best peanut butter chicken on the planet. It is an Omaha “Must Have”.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Homestyle Café (OCW)
    A Simple Breakfast: The Homestyle Café serves up down-home fare that won’t break the bank
    I got chicken mole - while the sauce was not the best I've had, I did appreciate that the chicken was on the bone. Redneckhunter got huevos con chorizo, which came with papas fritas and a beans. He also ordered a side of fideos (thick noodle soup). I don't know if his eating technique is traditional, but it involves wrapping everything - eggs, chorizo, beans, rice, fideos - up in tortillas. His brother got a collection of a la carte items - papas fritas, fideos, torta con carne - I think the entire plate totalled only $4! Then for dessert, we had sopapillas and Kahlua flan.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: HuHot Mongolian Grill (GRF)
    The decor is modern, the light is "dramatic" (read; dim), and the food is excellent. It's a shame it's that close to my apartment, because it means I'm very likely to become poorer soon. It's an excellent addition to the Omaha franchise.
    Get Your Game On - Ice House still one of the best places for food and sports
    Aromatic restaurant adds spice and sparkle to Omaha On both visits, we were greeted promptly and graciously. English-speaking servers, some with heavy Indian accents, kept drinks full and cleared plates professionally. And the total for a weekend buffet with tax and tip for two was $30 - not Sinbad's cheap, but still not bad for an Indian feast in a comfortable setting. If I had it to do over, I'd skip the desserts and have seconds on those delectable vegetable dishes. And just maybe, if I'd discovered India Garden sooner and stuck to the veggies, I'd still be able to fit into the jeans I wore to Sinbad's last year.
    Bring on the Spice - The Indian Oven turns 25 Maria Fernandez likes to say the Old Market’s Indian Oven brought spice to Omaha. The restaurant opened in the summer of 1984 in an area populated by a handful of restaurants — some of which have become local institutions, some of which did not survive. Twenty-five years later and the makeup of Omaha is completely different. People live in different parts of town and the Old Market is nearly overrun with dining options. There are a handful of good Indian restaurants, as well as Thai, Vietnamese, Moroccan, Greek and a growing number of African dining venues throughout the city. It’s survival of the fittest in the restaurant business, and with its original spirit of ideas and innovation intact, it is no wonder Indian Oven has outlasted some of the best. The restaurant plans to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a party in July.
    I never really like excluding places off my list of viable food options until they've had at least a couple of tries at producing something worthwhile. And if that doesn't give you a hint as to where the rest of this review is going to go...
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Jack and Mary's Restaurant (GRF)
    ==Chamelaeon== the chicken here was better than at a lot of "country-style" restaurants, and I wouldn't even be averse to giving it another shot, in the hopes that it was just an off day for the chicken. Most of the rest of the geeks seemed satisfied with the meal, so giving the place a total writeoff's not a good idea. I suspect if I go again I'm going to try to get a piece of fried and a piece of grilled, and see what comes of it. ==NinjaDebugger== The hot chicken sandwich was exactly as advertised, and as expected, mostly.Unless you're a fan of a big platter of bland, I wouldn't go for it. I know I would go for something else if we went back. ==Moogle== In general, I'd say it's pleasant but not amazing food. The price was ok. I would be willing to give the place a try. It'll be on my mental list of places for chicken or country/home-style food. ==Mecha== another go wouldn't be a problem with me. ==MapleSyrup== The Chicken Fried Chicken ... I thought it was delicious.
    I haven't had Indian food in a while, and it's not the easiest thing to get right, so I was pleased that the restaurant was, in general, satisfactory.
    Cure for the Common Cold? A Taste of Jaipur Brew House
    Jams still a gem. Seventeen years after its launch, Jams still rocks.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Jazz, a Louisiana Kitchen (TOC)
    I hate to say that I would not recommend this place to people. The food was good, and some things were great. I just fear that they would get our waiter and I couldn’t in good conscience send someone there because of it.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Jim & Jennie’s Greek Village (OCW)
    Mom and Pop Greek: Jim & Jennie’s Greek Village still a winner
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Jim's Rib Haven (GRF)
    ==Chamelaeon== There are two possible reasons not to go to Jim's [editor:the address and price] It's not "sold out of the back of a truck" cheap, but it's enough value for the money. Heck, for a sauce like this, it's a bargain. ==NinjaDebugger== it was still some of the best BBQ I've had in town, even if I wouldn't opt for it over a trip to McKenna's. ==Mecha== It still feels a little expensive, even for the ribs I got, but if it weren't for the toughness I would say that simply the uniqueness of the flavor, to me, would make it worth another visit or three anyway if I were down there. ==MapleSyrup== It does feel a little expensive, but I don't think I'd mind coming back a couple more times.
    Let’s talk about the meat and cheeses. Jimi D’s has a pan-fried meatball sandwich with Sunday gravy, a New York strip, an old-school sausage and pepper sandwich, a steak sandwich, and a Sicilian Muffaletta. I opted for the PLT sandwich for my entree. Pancetta being the “P” -– with romaine and marinated Roma tomatoes for the “L” and the “T.” Also on the sandwich were a hint of mayo and a slice of house-made mozzarella. All of this piled high and served on lightly toasted Italian bread. This is my new favorite sandwich. It was absolutely delicious and very filling. A great mix of flavors. The wife, of course, had a hard time deciding what to order. She debated between the deep-dish lasagna, the chicken Parmesan, and the burger. The seafood choices also looked good, ranging from prosciutto wrapped cod to a shrimp fradiavlo pasta. She finally settled on the half-pound Angus beef burger, “because I was craving beef. It was gigantic! I had fries as a side and both were very satisfying.”
    Jimi D's has quirks, directness and earnest feel of large, loud family Jimi D's Food & Spirits reminds me of the Italian-American family I never had: Big and loud. No, Jimi D's isn't perfect. But there's lots to like at its core: the focused menu and untethered specials, the preponderance of dishes made from scratch, the affordable prices and welcoming vibe. And, as with loud-mouthed relatives and prickly artichokes, the underlying heart makes the initial hassle worthwhile.
    Prima Real Estate: Jimi DiPrima launches flagship restaurant in old midtown stomping grounds
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Jimi D's Food and Spirits (GRF)
    All in all, I really wish I'd ordered one of their pasta dishes instead. The service here at lunch was really, really poor. If you insist on coming here, I say you should stick to the appetizers, especially the antipasto.
    She and Him: Husband and wife go back and forth on Jimi D’s at 63rd and Center
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Johnny's Cafe (GRF)
    Johnny's is an interesting place to get an interesting meal; as long as you understand that and don't come here expecting white linens and $40 strip steaks, you're going to get some good food and come away satisfied.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Jonesy's Taco House (GRF)
    Its location doesn't get it much car traffic. It's good food, though. Like a lot of smaller places, it sacrifices ambiance for taste, and it receives a large return on that sacrifice.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Juba Restaurant (OWH)
    An undeniable charm A magical thing happens at Juba Restaurant. You walk in a little uncertain about the taxicabs outside and the humble interior; a little unclear about the menu on the wall; a little doubtful that anyone will take your order. But the smell of cardamom and roasting goat catches your nose. And the twinkly-eyed, mustachioed owner materializes behind the counter with a smile. By the time you've found a seat at one of the communal tables and wrapped your hands around a Styrofoam cup of hot spiced tea, it seems perfectly natural to be watching al-Jazeera on TV, talking about food and Africa with ebony-skinned cabbies and eating meat from the bone with your hands. The roasted goat and chicken dishes from a final visit were my favorites. If you want silverware, you might have to ask for it. The custom in parts of Africa is to eat with your hands. With the bone-in meats at Juba, that logic becomes apparent: Why bother with a fork, when you can lick your fingers?
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Juba Restaurant (OWR)
    Juba-lation: Omaha Restaurant Serves Nation’s Largest Sudanese Population Juba Restaurant opened quietly in early October. Named for a city in the south of Sudan, the restaurant is meant to cater to Omaha’s African population. The restaurant’s menu leans strongly towards Mediterranean, with kabobs, gyros, falafel and baba ghanoush. Wilwal knew nothing of Sudanese food before working at Juba. “All of the Africans (that eat at Juba), they say ‘this is the same food we grew up with,’” Wilwal says. “Everybody comes and they will say, ‘hey, this reminds me of my childhood.’ That’s the best thing I can hear.”
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Julian's Tex Mex (OWH)
    Julian's offers more than heat Were it not for the mariachi-style music playing in the bar or the sign over the door, you might mistake Julian's Tex Mex Restaurant for a contemporary bistro. Ah, but the food speaks for itself. Layered sauces, attractive plates and atypical ambience set Julian's apart from the standard Mexican-American dining found in Omaha. That's why I was a little disheartened to learn that the chef was already changing his salsa (based on some customers who mistook the place for Mexican) and was considering adding hamburgers to the menu (based on some diners who bemoaned the lack of American offerings). To me, that's just adding to the confusion about Tex-Mex. What next - chiles relleno made with habaneros? Make it how you make it, my friend. We'll come around.
    It looks as if King Fong’s is poised to stay open for another 80+ years, but you shouldn’t wait that long to go.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Kobe Steakhouse (OCW)
    Dinner Theater: Kobe chefs put on a show, cook healthful meals
    Asian Delight: Kona packingin patrons at Village Pointe location
    “Casual, European dining,” But we’re not in Europe. We’re sitting on the patio of Omaha’s best-kept, not-quite-a-secret secret, La Buvette. My friend isn’t a jet-setting sophisticate; she’s Julie Berry, the farm-raised, tough talking, high heel-wearing manager/chef of La Buvette. That Buvette can do the food service that is does (a daily changing full menu including meat and cheese plates, soups and salads, entrees like mussels and clams, beef cheeks, salmon, roast chicken, pate, and daily dessert specials), with just two toaster ovens and two campfire burners, is a cuisine miracle in and of itself. This is to say nothing of the massive wine selection that Buvette offers. Berry says that wine sales make up 53 percent of Buvette’s total sales with liquor, food and grocery making up the rest. The walls are stacked high with options. Mostly French, but Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia and South American wines are all well represented.
    Paris in Omaha: Omaha's best-kept, not-so-kept secret
    You’ll find great fare, great people watching and an unbeatable ambience at La Buvette. Leisure is the byword here and you have to be willing to give it some time and savor the moment.
    La Casa Pizzaria: Tangy Goodness in Omaha | Slice Pizza Blog
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Laos Thai Kitchen (FSMO)
    While many of the things on the menu weren’t very familiar to me it was all things that were obviously cooked with love and care. I found myself feeling totally satisfied with my meal and looking to find a reason to go back. To me, it was like comfort food reinvented. So it was no surprise when I talked to the owner, Darunee Watkins (who also helped open Thai Kitchen), weeks after my meal to find out why she was cranking out great Thai food in a part of the country that might not always appreciate it. “Why? I enjoy to cook,” Darunee said. “[Actually] I love to cook. People like me to cook for them.” A short, simple and certainly sweet answer and that comes across in her Laos Thai Kitchen’s food.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Le Kilimandjaro (OWH)
    Le Kilimandjaro is an African dining adventure
    Le Peep offers light approach
    Le Voltaire's authentic French fare - c'est magnifique
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: LiT Tapas Bar and Lounge (TOC)
    Pluses: The food was very good, the decor is nice. For this I would have given it a solid 4 napkins. Minuses: The service wasn’t great, and the prices are a little high for what you get. These things degraded my rating. Overall Impression: It is probably a fun 20-something lounge, but I wouldn’t plan on it for dinner. I give it 3 napkins.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Liberty Tavern (GFC)
    I'm ready to crown a new favorite Omaha restaurant. In case you couldn't figure it out from the title, the crown goes to Liberty Tavern.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Liberty Tavern (OWH)
    Liberty Tavern wavers between innovative and convenient
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Lighthouse Bar and Grill (OCW)
    Northwest Beacon: If you’re in the neighborhood, give the Lighthouse Bar and Grill a shot The bottom line is that the Lighthouse is a place where you can play the matching game and feel totally comfortable about it. It probably isn’t a place that you want to go out of your way to frequent, but if you’re in the neighborhood, you should check it out.
    Superb Bellevue Mexican joint celebrating its 12th year in business
    Lil' Burro Mexican restaurant's heat source is its garden. The menu is filled with traditional entrees such as tamales, enchiladas and tacos.
    Do a Chair Dance: Inside one of Bellevue’s best-kept secrets Lil’ Burro Mexican American Restaurant
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Lisa's Radial Cafe (MISC)
    For breakfast one morning, Redneckhunter's friend Andy (a Nebraska runt at 6 foot 5) took us to Lisa's Radial Cafe, located on the Radial Highway, near Omaha's cathedral. Apparently it's one of Omaha's longest-continually running restaurants, over 100 years old. It's just what you'd want from a MidWestern breakfast - biscuits drowning in sausage cream gravy, hash browns, buttery egg sandwiches.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Lisa’s Radial Café (OWR)
    Omaha’s favorite café is now Midtown’s best-kept secret Friday dinner. Lisa’s Radial Café is now open from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. Fridays, serving the full breakfast/lunch menu along with dinner selections, including an awesome prime rib special that’s one of the best values in town. Can anybody beat an 8-ounce Queen cut with three fresh sides for a mere $9.99? Anyone feeling the recession pinch will appreciate the dinner prices, ranging from a mere $4.99 for a basic burger and fries to the Husker cut of prime rib for $13.99, with most selections right around $8 including sides. The whiskey steak and fettuccine are Maguire’s favorite; and Shembri, an admitted non-fish eater, has been swayed so much by the wild salmon that it’s her new favorite. Save room for dessert or take some home for later. Schembri makes all the fruit pies with her own recipes (the caramel apple pie is absolutely killer) and the cakes are catered in by Chris Janicek’s Cake Box.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Lithuanian Kafe and Bakery (GRF)
    This place is mainly a cafe outlet sort of place for a larger bakery elsewhere in the city. The food the place serves, aside from the sausage, doesn't really scan as "Lithuanian." All and all, the place was certainly solid, with very good desserts....
    Taco Lite: Los Compayes offers authentic, evolving Mexican food
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Los Girasoles (OWR)
    Sunflower Power: Taking diners on a trip to the coast of Mexico A fresh new restaurant is open in South Omaha with a menu geared to seafood lovers and south of the border fans. Los Girasoles, “the sunflowers” in Spanish, offers authentic Mexican cuisine and preparations unique in Omaha. The restaurant is unassuming from the outside; bright, comfortable and friendly inside. Embossed leather menus hint at the care and attention to detail the kitchen gives to the fare. Bright, cheery colors and the décor’s authentic relics link traditional recipes to fresh ingredients and preparations. Proprietor Victoria Ruiz hails from Las Palmas, Mexico (15 minutes from Puerto Vallarta). Her menu has obvious differences from others in the area. It’s equatable to the difference between northern and southern Italian cuisines. Omaha is a hotbed of northern Mexican food; here it’s pure southern.
    A Omaha City Weekly Dining Review
    Quail, tripe, cactus - menu is boldly Mexican
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Louie M's Burger Lust (OWH)
    Name aside, burger joint has variety on the menu A one-word description of Louie M's Burger Lust: eclectic.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Louie M’s Burger Lust (OCW)
    Burger Heaven - Omaha’s premier burger joint offers tasty fare beyond beef and buns
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Lucky's Ten-O-One Restaurant & Lounge (OWH)
    Hungry? You're in luck. If you dined at Angie's Restaurant before it closed in February, Lucky's Ten-O-One Restaurant & Lounge will feel familiar. The old Angie's bones are intact, spit-shined and spot-lit. Lucky's 1001
    Lucky Us: Ten-O-One carries on 74-year tradition in old Angie’s building.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Lucky's ten-O-one (OWH)
    Historic steakhouse makes a tricky transition, aided by new chef
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Lucky’s 1001 (OWR)
    Copa Cool Energy. Both ambiance and menu are a happy combination of Omaha Italian steakhouse tradition and contemporary eatery. Chef Kim McQuillen: " The menu we have gone for is more a landscape of Americana"
    Caffe, Not Coffee: An Italian coffee house concept is at the heart of L’Evento Caffe
    As a 'pub,' M's raises the bar
    Mai Thai, near Oakview Mall, pays attention to all the details. On two recent visits, the food, service and ambience at Mai Thai were every bit as delightful and detailed as that carrot butterfly.
    Lets try some "Elegant Thai?" I think that the place had a great feel. It was small and there was tons of to-go business. I think they can improve a little, but for what they are trying to accomplish, I think they are doing well.
    Mighty Meatballs: Malara’s boasts old-world value and tradition Diners should order half meals to some room for dessert. There are two kinds of cannoli, two kinds of cream puffs, and Italian favorites, homemade spumoni and homemade tiramisu. All options are less than $5. This is the food your mom would make if she had all day to make it. It may take effort to get to 21st and Pierce, but the Malara’s will be happy to welcome you into their family.
    Mama's is good food for a nice price.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Mandarin Fusion (OWH)
    Muddled menu overshadows gems at Mandarin Fusion
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Margarita's Mexican Restaurant (GRF)
    ==Chamelaeon== I will say that I'm not especially eager to go back and verify our experience - not when there are places I know are much better and new places to try, as well. ==NinjaDebugger== This isn't a place I'd willingly go to again, not with places like Senor Matias and Jonesey's Taco House around. ==Moogle== I don't think I'd visit again unless it was with friends who really wanted to go. ==MapleSyrup== I don't think this will be a place that I return to. The service was terrible and the portions were way too small for the prices. ==Mecha== I'm not sure I'd go back to this place either, all things considered.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Margarita's Mexican Restaurant (OWH)
    Owner says kitchen was Margarita's first focus
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Mark's Bistro (OCW)
    Located on the second floor of a former turn-of-the century home on Underwood Avenue and operated by proprietors Mark Pluhacek and Molly Romero, Marks features an outdoor, tree-shaded patio dining area with bistro tables and chairs and decorative lighting on the upper level. Arguably, it is one of the best patios in all of Omaha. After much debating, our reviewer ordered the almond-encrusted tilapia with mango chipotle salsa, while her husband chose the grass-fed, pomegranate and cumin-marinated lamb. The tilapia was thick and the almond coating was crisp and palate-pleasing paired with the mango salsa and a drizzle of cumin crÀme fraiche. It was served atop a bed of wild rice with a side of al dente salt-and-pepper green beans. Delicious! The lamb was grilled to medium rare and served with a curried sweet potato and onion hash, and topped with a mandarin orange-mango chutney. The dish was a wonderful collaboration of flavors, a perfect combination of savory and sweet.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Market Basket (FSM)
    In total and it’s not something I say very often, this was a meal that there truly was hard to find anything wrong with. The service was great, the food wonderful, the portions ample enough to send us out with three take-out boxes, the atmosphere intimate and congenial at the same time. Having not known a lot about it before I went, Market Basket and especially Chef Justin are apparently somewhat of a secret to the great Omaha culinary scene. They both are great and yet you certainly don’t hear nearly enough about either of them. However, I’ll be talking them up and adding them to my list of favorites.
    High Marks: Dundee eatery offers eclectic cuisine
    Marks Bistro has a new chef with a knack for risotto
    Overall, the place seems a bit overcosted, and I'm really not sure that it's worth it over another place. The location is pretty bad for us, too, so it's probably a good bet we won't be going back any time soon. Unless you happen to be near the old market
    Unpretensious Sushi: Matsu Sushi offer deals, friendly service Matsu Sushi offers several different combinations of bentos. The bento we ordered was a combination bento with soy glazed salmon and crispy boneless chicken breast. For dessert we ordered the obligatory green tea ice cream, called Maccha ice cream in Japan. It is made in the context of American ice cream with the addition of green tea powder. It was sweet with a distinct green tea punch to it. Very refreshing after a filling meal. Our experience at Matsu Sushi was also refreshing. Not a lot of atmosphere, but the sushi was fresh, the waiter friendly, and it feels like a place where it would be easy to become a regular.
    After standing there for 20 minutes we got angry and left.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe (OWH)
    McFoster's offers veggie-centric menu
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: McKenna's Blues, Booze & BBQ (GOBS)
    See page 5. Ratings (Bill MacKenzie/GOBS members): FOOD (8/5.3); Atmosphere (9/9); Service (7/6); Value (8/5.5);
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: McKenna's Blues, Booze, and BBQ (GRF)
    ==Chamelaeon== For the price, it's damn hard to beat this much bbq at this quality. =NinjaDebugger== So anyway, the moral, for your dining enjoyment at McKenna's is this: If it involves barbeque sauce, it will be delicious. If it does not, it will probably be much less so. ==MapleSyrup== I'm eager to go back. I'd probably go in the evening when they have their blues acts going. ==Mecha== I would definitely try this place again, and I want to try it when it's busy enough and I'm not in a rush, because I think then it'll move away from 'frustratingly inconsistent' into something... well, hopefully as good as those Hawaiian-style ribs hinted that they could be. ==Moogle== I would come back. I'd say stick to the intentionally warm side dishes, and go for some of their more unique dishes. They have plenty of interesting options that are off the beaten path.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: McKenna’s Blues Booze and BBQ (OCW)
    New and Improved McKenna’s is back and better than ever
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Mediterranean Bistro & Wine Bar (OWH)
    Mediterranean Bistro is a bit of ancient Persia in Omaha
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Mediterranean Bistro (OCW)
    Middle Feast: Middle Eastern cuisine done just right at Mediterranean Bistro
    Downtown cafe offers light, tasty fare
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Mia's Bongo Room (OWH)
    Benson restaurant beats freshness drum Now I know why, when I first called to ask about Mia's Bongo Room, owner Mark Lund had a hard time describing the concept. The only word that seems to fit the eatery, opened in a former Benson pawnshop in November, is "eclectic." It's like jazz - never predictable, sometimes thrilling and, even with a sour note here and there, always soaring, dipping and riffing toward something fresh.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Mia's Bongo Room (OWH)
    Benson restaurant beats freshness drum
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Mia's Bongo Room (TON)
    A Restaurant for Food Lovers
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Mia’s Bongo Room (OCW)
    Oh Mia, Oh My: Mia’s Bongo Room adds flair and flavor to the Benson strip
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Mia’s Bongo Room (OWR)
    Benson Bongo: Restaurant brings new colors and flavors to vibrant neighborhood
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Mister C's Steakhouse (GFC)
    An Omaha Classic
    Fried Food Fever: Mo Fish is a good Lent option
    Mother India's steady approach nets fans, fast Good things come in small packages - and to those who wait. Those maxims are especially true at Mother India, the 18-seat Indian spot that opened in a former tamale stand near 36th and Leavenworth Streets in February. ...I heard not a single complaint from my fellow diners about the food. All offered seemingly sincere raves when staff asked about their meals, even those who'd waited an hour or more. ...the place was so full and the takeout backlog so great that I chose not to wait. But a menu I'd snagged from the first go-round made takeout an option. And an order phoned in 40 minutes ahead of time was ready when promised. What Mother India lacks in speed, service and ambience, it makes up for with sincerity, flavor and a solid price-to-spice ratio. And given its early popularity, I suspect it has a bright future, even if only as a takeout joint.
    Holy Mulligatawny! Mother India dishes up Indian fare in Midtown Mother India does not currently accept reservations and if waiting in cramped spaces isn’t your thing you may want to come in before 6 p.m. or order ahead for takeout. The restaurant offers take-out menus to make the process convenient and efficient, and lamb curry is every bit as delicious on your couch as it is in a restaurant setting.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Nebraska Brewing Co. (OWR)
    Ambitious Ales: Independently owned Nebraska Brewing Co. hops into Sarpy County
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Nebraska Brewing Company (Foodaphila)

  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Nia's Chicken & Waffles (OWH)
    Chicken-waffles dish vies with pickles, fish at Nia's
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Nicola's Italian Wine & Faire (OWH)
    My companion, a big-time foodie, fell in love with her panini, calling Nicola's panino prosciutto mozzarella ($6.95) "perfect." Nicola's is a fine-dining restaurant with affordable prices. It's clearly a labor of love for its owners. You may love it too.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: O Dining & Lounge (OWH)
    More seating cuts time waiting for table. (Formerly O Casual) Owner:Lance Wang
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: O Dining & Lounge (OWR)
    O in the O: Successful fusion restaurant relocates to the Old Market
    This place is a diamond in the rough. This is one of those well kept secrets of Omaha. I ask that you take a moment to go in here and eat. Keep this place open. You will not be sorry for the experience.
    Overall it was pretty good. The cost isn't that exorbitant, but it's a little higher. Their specialty seems to be the pizza, strombolis and calzones, so it might be worth trying those first.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Old Mattress Factory Bar & Grill (OWH)
    Once upon a mattress
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Old Mattress Factory Bar and Grill
    Fresh Beds of Lettuce: Old Mattress Factory Bar and Grill draws on its past
    Test of Time: After 16 years, popular family restaurant is holding its own
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Ozark Smoked Meat Co. (GRF)
    It's certainly the best barbecue I've had in a while. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the place is that they sell smoked meat by the pound - I may have to try this and toy around with my own sauces at some point.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Paradise Cafe
    The panini was nothing extraordinary. If we visit again, I'm fairly sure I'm going to try the salads along with the soup instead of the sandwiches; intuition and the immense size of their salad bowls says that's going to be a bigger bang for your buck.
    It delivers awesome flavor for a definitely reasonable price, and it's well worth trying out for a lunch, and quite probably a dinner.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Paxton Chop House (OCW)
    The Lynch brothers challenge Omaha’s best steakhouses at the Paxton
    Breakfast house Le Peep is a cut above local competition
    Fast and Fresh
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: PepperJax Grill (GRF)
    It's a pretty decent sized meal for the price, but it borders on the expensive side in my opinion.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Peru Mucho Gusto (OWR)
    Mucho Gusto! Gusto Cuban Café offers great food and fun
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Petrow's Restaurant
    Petrow's bills itself as an Omaha tradition, and really, it is. Everything I got was exactly as I make it myself, and the way I grew up with.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Petrow's Restaurant (OWH)
    House-made ice cream stars at Petrow's
    More Than Meets the Pie: It’s pizza and a whole lot more at Council Bluffs restaurant
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Prestige World Class (OCW)
    Gish’s Dishes: West Omaha’s Prestige Restaurant So you can do very well here with a reasonably priced fine dining menu from chef Joel Lavelle, who was sous chef for the restaurant’s founding chef, Ryan Gish, who has moved on. To make the occasion special, Prestige has three spectacular flaming deserts, prepared at table: the Special (warm coffee cake topped with bananas Foster, with ice cream); and either bananas Foster (invented at Brennan’s in New Orleans) or Strawberries Kristoff, each a flaming dish with tableside service. Terrific is the dolce crÀme caramel tiramisu, based on a recipe from Rosalia (Mrs. Jerry Gish). Service from L.C., our server, was exemplary, and Steve Heaverlo, maitre’ d, and Barb Kirshenbaum, events coordinator, could not have been more helpful.
    Premier Prima: The classy Prima 140 a sure bet to crack Omaha’s top 5 restuarants
    'Nouvelle' Pioneer: Prima 140 remains one of Omaha’s top fine dining restaurants
    A prima retreat A newcomer glimpsing its generic red-lettered sign might mistake Prima 140 for an old-fashioned supper club. But the tidy clumps of basil and chives in the landscaping hint at a fresher story. And longtime patrons know that the American-European bistro beyond the herbs offers some of Omaha's most intensely flavored and precisely cooked dishes. I had to wonder why the place, though comfortably busy, wasn't thoroughly packed. I'm chalking it up in part to the economy, in part to summer vacations, and in part to those bland signs outside the restaurant: They don't do justice to the thoughtful, flavorful and masterly food served within.
    Plusses: Service. The food was amazing. The kitchen was visible and clean. The bar was well stocked and beautiful. The place was flawless. Minuses: Two words – Bigger portions. (HA!) Actually they aren’t open on Sundays. I think I would have gone there more if it had been open on Sundays. Overall Impression: Num-Num! I had a great time. My server was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, prompt, attentive, and funny. He was PART of the experience, not just some goober that just slung plates at us. This is another place I URGE the good people of Omaha to FLOCK to. This place is fabulous!
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Pudgy's Pizzeria (OWH)
    Hey, pal, even Cubs fans like this pie At Pudgy's Pizzeria, there are few frills and no strangers. A deep dish 'meat treat' pizza at Pudgy's Pizzeria. The main attractions? The pizza and the less literal slice of Chicago that owner Phil Cerra serves up. You go for an earful of Pudgyisms and an affordable taste of Chi-town.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Quaker Steak & Lube (OWH)
    Fired Up: Racing-themed restaurant Quaker Steak & Lube offers hot wings and a whole lot more
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Quaker Steak & Lube (OWH)
    Gear up for the gimmicks, noise along with some winning bar food
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Quaker Steak & Lube (OWR)
    Quaker Steak & Lube speeds into the Bluffs
    Special, Subtle Sauces: Council Bluffs has an unlikely Italian gem
    Hankering for hot? Get in the Zone
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Rick's Cafe Boatyard (OCW)
    River Cafe: Rick’s still thriving down by the Missouri
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Rick's Cafe Boatyard (OWH)
    Rick's Cafe Boatyard: Restaurant still lacks consistency We were seated around 6 p.m. at a dusty table on the windblown patio along with several others who didn't realize how chilly it would be on the eastern edge of Rick's Cafe Boatyard. Ninety minutes and $81 later, we slid into a booth at a midtown fast-food joint for something that, while arguably uninspired, was more satisfying. At Rick's that night, the kitchen was swift. Sadly, not much coming out of it was craveable. Here's hoping the crew at Rick's can offer ... something more than atmosphere the next time.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Rivera's Mexican Food (OWH)
    Rivera's serves up tasty, spicy Mexican meals
    RoJa is frequently full - and you will be, too
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Roja Mexican Grill (GFC)
    A review of Happy Hour at Roja Mexican Grill, Bianco Ristorante Italiano, Blue Sushi Sake Grill in Omaha.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Roman Coin Pizza (GRF)
    Regardless, you're going to be hard pressed to find such a filling, delicious lunch for this price anywhere else in Omaha.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Romeo's Mexican Food & Pizza (OCW)
    Oh, Romeo’s: Consistency is the name of the game for Omaha Tex-Mex chain
    We went back to redneckhunter's home town of Omaha, Nebraska over Thanksgiving. There were 2 things redneckhunter wanted the second he stepped off the plane: crispy meat burritos from local Mexican fast food chain Amigo's...; and a Runza, another local chain specializing in sandwiches of ground beef, cabbage, and cheese, stuffed into bread.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Ryan's Bistro (OWH)
    The menu defies concise description: American with French and Italian touches and a little Asian thrown in, approachable dishes with a few flourishes and the young Gish's own greatest hits. For me it seemed to ramble a bit - with everything from barbecue, burgers and fried chicken to pork osso bucco and chicken piccata. I worry a little about Gish trying to be all things to all comers, which tends to muddy any chef's culinary perspective and flatten his appeal. No one thinks: Golly, I sure could go for "something for everyone." Here's hoping that this restaurant, this space, and this time's the charm.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Ryan's Bistro (OWR)
    Ryan’s Bistro offers cozy atmosphere, various cuisines Gish combines his culinary experience, garnered in Denver, with a love of many genres of food to complete what he deems a fusion menu. Ryan’s boasts an extensive list of wines available by the bottle and the glass.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sage Bistro - Fall 2006 (GFC)
    Team One Prix Fixe Menu at Sage Student Bistro
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sage Bistro's Prime Rib Brunch Buffet (GFC)

  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sage Student Bistro (GFC)
    Culinary Student Bistro in Omaha, NE
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sage Student Bistro (OMAG)

    It’s reasonable and the portions are good. The decor is eclectic, and it’s pretty clean. It’s been around a while so they must be doing something right. When you look around, there were several oriental families there, so the food must be right.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Saigon Resturant (GRF)
    ==NinjaDebugger== My final recommendation here is dead simple. Skip the drinks, stick with the cucumber water. Skip the appetizers, just order a plate of fried rice to share among everybody. And then get as much in the way of main dishes as you think you can put away. They're delicious well beyond what their price would indicate. ==Mecha== This is definitely a place to visit again when I can spare the time. Service was a bit inconsistent/slow with a slight mixup, but the main dish flavors are worth the trip. ==Moogle== I have to mention that the service was a little slow, but only because there were maybe three people manning the building. ==Chamelaeon== Echoing what Moogle was saying, the service was pretty poor. Still, the food was definitely worth the wait. For the record, the dinner menu offers a far larger variety of food, the prices increase by about $1.20 per dish, and the portions increase accordingly.
    Our visit was not without its bad sides, though, but I'll leave describing those to the other. For me, this was another visit to another of my favorite restaurants, and I'll always be ready to go back.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sam & Louie's Pizzeria (GRF)
    ==NinjaDebugger== The alfredo was a real surprise... Unfortunately, the prices here leave a lot to be desired, even if I was ordering off the dinner menu with the appropriate portions. I could have had food just as good, if not better, at Lansky's, for half the cost, or double the portion. ==Chamelaeon== If you stick to standard pizza formats you'll probably find something decent to eat here. ==Mecha== The pizza seems to be more or less on par with prices to me, although a little expensive for specials by the slice. I would never really go out of the way for the place... ==Moogle== It wasn't bad, but it wasn't really what I was looking for. It was also a bit lightweight for $10. It may have been better value to go with the single-topping special.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Senor Matias Mexican Restaurant (GRF)
    The place is a bit hit and miss (nobody mentioned the refried beans, which I had heard were a bit burnt this time?) but it tends to have some very solid basic hits.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Shirley’s Diner (OWR)
    Quirky and Cozy: Shirley’s Diner does comfort food right
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Shuck's Fish & Oyster Bar (GFC)

  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Shuck's Fish House and Oyster Bar (GRF)
    ==Chamelaeon== Schuck's is by no means a "classy" establishment (all the dishes are disposable), and you can find other seafood around town that's just as fresh (though not for retail sale), but the prices here for the quality absolutely cannot be beat. The speed at which you get food isn't shabby either. This has just become my first choice for good seafood. ==NinjaDebugger== A superior alfredo to the ones I've been having lately. certainly better italian food than I expected to find in a seafood bar. ==MapleSyrup== Overall, I look forward to going back. All of the items on the appetizer sampler were delicious. I popped a couple of ND's alfredo shrimps and they were cooked perfectly. And the po' boys looked scrumptious. ==Mecha== Ultimately a very positive and relatively fast experience, and there's plenty more to try. ==Moogle== Though the dining area is a bit cramped, I will definitely come back. The good news is that they are opening an new restaurant further out west.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Shuck's Oyster Bar (OWR)
    Unordinary Oyster - Still crazy after all these fish
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Shucks - Legecy (OWR)
    New Shucks location continues tradition of freshness, value For the landlocked seafood lover, getting a fish fix isn’t always smooth sailing. Luckily for Omahans, Greg Lindberg has re-charted the course by bringing a variety of fresh seafood to the area with his Absolutely Fresh fish markets, Shucks and Bailey’s restaurants. The best thing about Lindberg’s fare across the board is its freshness. All ingredients stringently follow the freshness principle at every restaurant. From Bailey’s signature benedicts to Shucks’ oyster selection and beyond, every vegetable and every morsel of dorsal is, well, absolutely fresh. In addition, the prices alone are enough to bait the hook. Shucks’ menu tops out at just $11.95 for an oyster and chips platter or a double crab cake salad. But the average price is more in the $7-$10 range on offerings from salads to sandwiches to fish house plates to house specialties like Trout Amandine and Jambalaya.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Shucks Fish House & Oyster Bar (OWH)
    Fare inside a west Omaha fish market goes down easy
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Shucks Oyster Bar & Grill (OCW)
    It’s Shucking Awesome!: Absolutely Fresh Seafood oyster bar taking off at west location
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Shucks Oyster Bar & Grill (OCW)
    Ahh, Shucks: Absolutely Fresh boasts 'the freshest fish in town'
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Shucks Oyster Bar (OCW)
    Shucks, at either location, is a great place to relax, hoist a few delicious beers, let your hair down and try some surprisingly sophisticated versions of down-home Gulf seafood and sandwiches. Don’t forget that chowder – you’ll be showing up for take-out the next day.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Shucks Oyster Bar (TOC)
    This is one of the great little ‘joints’ in Omaha and I plan on going back again and again. I would suggest the sampler platter appetizer. I wish they had a bigger menu, but keeping it simple has kept the quality high...
    Signatures hopes to grow into an Omaha favorite Executive Chef Tim Galligher knows that Signatures isn’t a ‘destination restaurant,’ “But it’s something we’d like to become in the future,” he said.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sinbad's World Cuisine (OWH)
    Sinbad's World Cuisine is a hidden gem
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sinbad’s World Cuisine (OWR)
    Go Go Gastronaut: There’s always room for pudding at Sinbad’s World Cuisine
    Shack Attack: Family owned Bellevue eatery serves up BBQ ‘way you want’ It’s obvious why the pork and ribs are their specialty – with a hint of spice and an unbelievably savory inside, the ribs slip off the bone. You can order a half rack rib platter St. Louis style, or you can opt for a smaller three-rib meal. I recommend the half-rack; you’ll quickly find that you’ll be craving more after just three ribs. The pulled pork sandwich is tender and juicy and the added sauce compliments the meat to give just a hint of extra spice. ll of the sides and salads are homemade, from the macaroni salad with a hint of mustard, to the potato salad and coleslaw – you can feel the personal touches in each of the dishes. You can even see it in their menu – items are named after family members and loved ones – from Lily’s Lemonade to Bufa’s Chicken Nuggets – this family business is one that gives it their all.
    Flavor's big at this little barbecue joint In the air, the smell of smoke. On the walls, more barbecue competition ribbons than you can shake a hickory stick at. Owners Kenny and Tammy Meyer, known to fellow barbecue competitors as the Smokin' Tailgators, have worked the competition circuit for about 12 years. Before opening the SmokeShack in Bellevue last August, they took home five grand championships and placed ninth in the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational in 2007. One whiff or taste of their hickory-smoked meats, and you'll know why. My favorite dish from two recent visits — one dine-in, one takeout — was the ribs. Those ribbons on the wall aren't for nothing.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Spaghetti Works (GRF)

    Prime Choice: Another fine option for steaks in downtown Omaha
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Spencer's for Steaks and Chops (OWH)
    Spencer's aims for meat-and-wine connoisseur
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Stavie's Restaurant (OWH)
    Bright spots suggest Stavie's can overcome sour notes Fucinaro said he's still working on service. And when asked to describe the concept for his restaurant, he said, "I'm just trying to give people what they want." That's a tall, vague order that's nearly impossible to deliver. Fucinaro said he's still working on service. And when asked to describe the concept for his restaurant, he said, "I'm just trying to give people what they want." That's a tall, vague order that's nearly impossible to deliver. Personally, I'd trade free buns, soup, sides and live entertainment for one plate-licking-good entrée and one thing Stavie's is already pretty good at: fresh homemade desserts you can't get from the nearby bar-food and fast-food places. I also suspect that, with almost no early-morning competition in the area, the recently added Sunday breakfast could prove a draw.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Stella's Bar & Grill (OWH)
    There's no plates at Stella's but plenty of napkins.
    Warm colors, southwestern flavors help downtown restaurant feel like a hearth
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Stokes - Old Market (OWR)
    Stokes, Take Two: 'See the action' at Omaha restaurant’s second location
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Stokes Grill & Bar (OWH)
    Undoubtedly, the folks at Omaha's Restaurants Inc. have a lot on their plate. Sadly, that rapid expansion appears to have taken a toll. Though its menu is identical to that of the other Stokes locations, the food at this way-out-west one was inconsistent and, at worst, watered-down and overpriced. Here's hoping that sort of focused attention stokes the coals and renews the standard for which Stokes has long been known. At the moment, for all the smoke, I can't find the fire.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Stokes Grill & Bar (OWH)
    Visit Stokes Grill & Bar for a kick of Southwest
    Sushi with a smile at Sakura Bana
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sullivan's Steakhouse (OWH)
    Sullivan's has steak and swagger
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sullivan’s Steakhouse (OCW)
    Upping the Steaks: Sullivan’s right at home in Omaha’s thriving restaurant market
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Surfside Club (Roadfood)

    Omakase @ Sushi Japan in Omaha, NE near Oakview Mall at 144th & Center
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Sweet Magnolias (OWR)
    Just Like Home: Sweet Magnolias’ still offers simple, Southern-styled baked goods
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: T-Bones Grillhouse (OCW)
    Recipe For Success: Restaurant facelift brings west Omaha T-Bones Grillhouse
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Tanduri Fusion (TOC)
    was impressed with the decor, it was rather tasteful and had a Dheli pub feel to it. The wait staff and management were friendly and helpful. The service was fantastic and the food was second to none. (I think I will go eat leftovers now!)
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Tas's Thai Pepper (OWH)
    'Thai Pepper' still hot
    F.O.O.D. Meeting - January 2006
    As with a suitor, good Taste wins
    Five Sense Assault: Taste of Thailand
    Imaginative Menu: Veteran restaurant owners offer more tasty fare with Taxi’s
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Ted's Nebraska Grill (OCW)
    Eat Great, Do Good: Ted Turner’s restaurant honors his connections to Nebraska with name change
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Ted's Nebraska Grill (OWH)
    Ted's Nebraska Grill no run-of-the-mill chain I'd not dined there. But I'd eaten at enough mediocre national chains to think: Sure, substitute Nebraska for Montana in the name. Say it's new and local. And drive the truly local independents off the cliff. But either Ted's Montana Grill was no run-of-the-mill chain to begin with or else Turner and Co. have changed a lot more than the signs. Most entrees are in the $10 to $20 range, though you can spend far more if you wish. And the recently added "real deal" meal - a limited choice of appetizer, entree with sides, and a just-baked cookie for $15 - appeared to be just that. The choices were not bargain-menu duds. The portions were modest but filling. And the price was nice for a quality, three-course meal. It seemed almost too good to be sustainable - unless Turner's green and local efforts really are aiding the bottom line. Perhaps you don't have to buy the farm if you already own the ranch.
    Restaurateurs bring bona fide spice to a Midwest kitchen
    All in all, it's solid thai food. Their lunch menu differs from their dinner menu largely in just size and cost, and it's my guess they serve their dinners in what I call family-style, with large helpings meant to be split, or eaten by one hungry person.
    What's Your 10-20? 1020 serves up tasty Italian in historical Dundee Having heard the restaurant’s service can be slow, I paid careful attention. To my surprise, Sendelbach was the best server I’ve had in some time. Courteous and very attentive, he was well-informed and made sure our glasses were full and our taste buds happy. We started the meal with Beef Ravioli. I was surprised the raviolis were so large — about the size of a softball — and resembled a large potsticker. I soon learned this is part of The 1020’s charm. Chef Paul Pleskach does an amazing job of executing the owners’ vision of serving classic Italian dishes with a twist. Overall, my experience at The 1020 was more than satisfactory. With affordable prices, tasty Italian-based dishes and fantastic service, I’ll be happy to report my “1020” as The 1020, many times to come.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Amazing Pizza Machine (OWH)
    Amazing Pizza Machine has kid-pleasing buffet
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Boiler Room (GFC)
    When we made our reservation, I had no intention of writing a review for a restaurant that had just opened it's doors. They had only been open for 2 days when we went. We weren't expecting a whole lot. What we got is likely to be a our new favorite restaurant in town. The best surprise was the food. It was just their second day being open to the public - are you kidding me? Yes braising and roasting can be very forgiving techniques, but the execution of every dish was done very well. Even more impressive were the dishes put together by chef Kulik. Minimal basic ingredients combined with intelligence and prepared simply. Occasionally you'll see something slightly exotic thrown into a dish to add a needed unique dimension, but I doubt you'll ever see a laundry list of luxury ingredients for a single dish. Chef Kulik seems more focused than a lot of chefs are able to force themselves to be.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Boiler Room (OWH)
    Review: From ground up, Boiler Room fascinates On a quiet street just off the beaten Old Market path, the sounds of the bustling Boiler Room Restaurant spill out like a long-held breath. ...the most interesting restaurant to open in Omaha since the now-closed Darwin Bistro. The kitchen, like the wine list, lingers in France and Italy. And it embraces artisan techniques, curing its own bacon and making other basic ingredients that many modern kitchens simply buy. Overall, I think it's a fabulous concept - a space full of character, a kitchen dedicated to flavor without shortcuts, and a restaurant that will introduce many people to new things. I'm eager to see what tongue-twisting wonders spring, summer and more local sourcing will bring. But to be successful with more than the food intelligentsia, I suspect the Boiler Room will need to translate its intentions a bit better in the dining room. A few more words on the menu - or from the waitstaff - could do wonders.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Boiler Room (OWR)
    The Boiler Room cooks up creative dishes It’s difficult to speak of individual menu items because the menu is on constant rotation. “The way we describe it,” says Kulik, “we’d like to always be straining or flexing creatively.” This creativity, I would say, is the Boiler Room’s strength and also its weakness. The menu is where I think Kulik’s creativity hinders. I know that restaurants similar to The Boiler Room spend weeks perfecting their menus and wine pairings. But with changes made daily to the restaurant’s offerings, Kulik and sommelier Becker have no time for this. The Boiler Room offers something new every day, and Kulik does bring inspiration and creativity to his above-par ingredients. I’m just not sure I can afford to indulge too often.
    Best Cellar: Northwest Omaha’s the Cellar is upscale but affordable
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Chatty Squirrel (OWR)
    Chit-Chat Chew: Chatty Squirrel has diners exiting the fast- food lane
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Dining Room at Union Pacific (OWR)
    Lunch Oasis: We’ve been dining on the railroad
    They make a good steak. They are famous for their Whiskey steaks, which adds a uniqueness that I really enjoyed. I'm not usually a fan of steak marinades, but this one was subtle and worked well. The steaks without the marinade were tender and flavorful as well, but if you're here instead of being at some other steakhouse, the Whiskey steaks are probably the reason why. So great steaks are always a good thing. But what makes the Drover such a great place to bring visitors is it's Midwest character, both in decor and in the menu.
    ==Chamelaeon== In short, it's definitely worth a visit here at lunch, and if you've got the scratch for it, probably dinner as well. ==NinjaDebugger== If you want a sandwich, get [the Beefy Cheese Sandwich]. It is king of cheese and beef sandwich. If I ever taste a better sandwich, I may die of the explosion of awesome in my mouth. Lunch, dinner, if you want steak, this is a good place to go. Well worth the money. ==Mecha== On the overall, it was a good place to go eat a lunch and get some real flavor. The speed was a little slow (not annoyingly so, just noticeable) but that probably happens sometimes. ==Moogle== The Beefy Cheese sandwich was amazing, and disappeared way too quickly.
    Review: The Drover rounds up diners for its signature fare Some things truly get better with age: Wine, of course. Steaks, to a degree. And — if two recent visits are any indication — the Omaha institution that is the Drover. Portions were large and, given the quality and service, reasonably priced. Most lunch items stay between $8 and $12, most dinner entrees (which include soup or salad bar, bread and a side) between $20 and $32. Hosts swept us in warmly, with or without reservations. Servers in plain clothes were friendly, attentive and efficient. I appreciated their low-key conviviality and ability to read the dining room - removing spent plates promptly, refilling drinks with purpose, offering specials and to-go boxes and never interrupting a good bite with a silly question. At 40, the Drover proves that old-school steakhouses don't have to be old-hat.
    Quality steaks drive Drover. -BY JOHN KEENAN I grew up in New York, which may be why I've always liked the Drover. It seems like the perfect Nebraska steakhouse. The large steaks, marinated for 15 minutes in a whiskey-based sauce, are delicious and tender. The Drover isn't inexpensive, but when your out-of-town friends want a real Nebraska steak, it has the food and atmosphere.
    A cut above the rest. You walk into the darkly lit Drover; you lose yourself in the aroma of the food, and the ambiance of an Omaha Steakhouse Gem. The food is great and the service is rock solid.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Flatiron Cafe (OWH)
    Flatiron aims at elegant yet creative dining
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The French Cafe (OWH)
    Change is welcome at Tony Abbott's French Café & Bistro It wasn't Paris exactly. It wasn't the French Café of some fancier yore. But it was pleasant, approachable and satisfying. And that trumps nostalgia any old day.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The International Cafe (OWH)
    Getting your goat takes delightful twist at cafe
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Market Basket (GRF)
    ==Moogle== Market Basket has a unique atmosphere and decent food, but I think the higher prices keep it off my "must return" list. ==Chamelaeon== The cost here is definitely high - you're paying in part for the "bistro" classification - but it comes down to what you place value on in a restaurant. If you think it's worth it for fresher ingredients and some more interesting taste experiences, you'll enjoy it. If you're looking for a quick sandwich on a busy Saturday, stick to a slightly less upscale restaurant. ==Mecha== There's a lot more to try here that I was interested in, with a large variety of fresh seeming fare, so I'd definitely go back, even with the high price. ==MapleSyrup== Mecha's right that there were a lot of other interesting things on the menu that I'd like to try, but I find the prices a bit off-putting. And if I were to ever return, I'd definitely go for a side other than their chips.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Market Basket (OCW)
    Basket Case: Market Basket in Countryside Village Shopping Center another upscale dining choice
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Melting Pot (OCW)
    Fondue, fun-to-do: The Melting Pot serves up more than just cheese and chocolate
    Sit down, eat and forget you're in a hotel When I told my date we'd be dining at a hotel, he prepared for the worst. As a frequent traveler, he knows that - unless you're in Vegas or staying at the Ritz - it's generally best to avoid the hotel restaurant. But I was interested in sampling a menu designed by a well-traveled German chef. And we both were pleasantly surprised by some of the food at the Nines. The main disappointment was that the place was darn-near empty, even on a Saturday night. That, despite several tasty moments, made Nines skew a bit more toward the stereotypical hotel restaurant. One hopes that dearth of diners doesn't stem from an inability to look beyond the captive convention and hotel audience; that's an approach destined to ensure mediocrity. Perhaps the locals just aren't aware there's a pretty nice restaurant in there.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Pizza Gourmet Co. (OCW)
    Round Town: Pizza Gourmet Co. challenging the pizza establishment
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Pizza Gourmet Co. (OWH)
    Pizzeria has look - but not menu - of typical sports bar
    The Taj isn't the kind of restaurant to go the first time you meet your girlfriend's parents, but if you've got a hankering for Indian while you're at work, you'll be hard pressed to come up with a better option.
    Taj offers taste of India for delicious prices
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Taj Kabob & Curry (OWH)
    Taj getting bigger dining room this summer
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Twisted Fork (OWR)
    Cowboy Cuisine - Twisted Fork’s shows diners the "tine of their life" The menu is as creative as the décor. Their motto, “American food with a cowboy twist,” came from a brainstorming session that Ursick and Carstens had with their three partners and wives. Carsten’s wife Jody penned the motto and it is a remarkably apropos. Along with Ursick and Carstens, the team is rounded out with operating partners John Wade, Luke Wilson and Brendan Crowley. The menu incorporates tried-and-true favorites such as Grandma Ursick’s pan-fried chicken and modern dishes such as blackened salmon tacos.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Top of World Buffet (OWH)
    You have much to learn of buffets, Grasshopper
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Tussey's Casual Grill (OWH)
    Tussey’s in Florence pays attention to details. Tussey's Casual Grill is more interesting, funky and graceful than you might expect from a new mom-and-pop eatery. The Tusseys prove that attention to detail helps, experience counts and you're never too old to have a little fun.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Twisted Cork Bistro (OWH)
    Here's to the small, hands-on approach
    Fork in the Road: New Old Market restaurant more style than flavor; "Excellent ideas, poor execution."
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Twisted Fork Grill & Bar (OWH)
    Wit and hint of brothel greet visitors to "cowboy chic" eatery
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Twisted Fork Grill & Bar (OWH)
    Wit and hint of brothel greet visitors to "cowboy chic" eatery. Twisted Fork is owned by Restaurants Inc., the Omaha folks behind Stokes. Located in the Old Market in the former Butsy Le Doux's space.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Urban Wine Company (OWH)
    Wine aplenty, but bring your own women and song
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Urban Wine Company (OWR)
    Reasonable Repertoire - Urban Wine Company offers a welcoming, unique environment.

    V. Mertz offers fine food, French charm
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Victor's Mediterranean Food (OWH)
    Gyros Falafel & Mediterranean Food
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Vietnamese-Asian Restaurant (GRF)
    The name of this restaurant could only be more generic if they went ahead and just had a blinking neon sign that read "FOOD HERE". That said; it's fantastic.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Vincenzo's Italian Ristorante (GRF)
    All in all, it was a good meal. Though the place wasn't packed while we were there, it was far from empty, so it's clear other people share that opinion as well.
    Vivace Contemporary Italian picks up pace On sheet music, “vivace” means “lively.” To a musician, it's an imperative: “Hey, you: Look alive!” At Vivace Contemporary Italian, an Old Market restaurant that has struggled a bit with identity the last several years, “vivace” has long been an apt description of the cacophony within its big, dark, exposed-brick dining room and bar on a busy night. A menu makeover, in the works for a year and unveiled at the 16-year-old restaurant a month ago, does much to pick up the pace. Neapolitan-in-spirit pizzas, made-from-scratch pastas, new sandwiches and smaller appetizers (now dubbed tapas) are the most obvious changes. Mekiney said service and décor will get their refinements; the food is the focus this year. But the recent changes show the restaurant has gotten serious about tasting great and feeling casual. And I'm happy to see Vivace taking its name not for granted, but as its marching orders to look, taste and be alive.
    Catch a Wave: New Chinese/Asian restaurant is on the money
    Chef adds creativity at Wave Bistro
    Wave Bistro’s Asian-fused fare is ideal for fine dining
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: WheatFields Eatery & Bakery (OWH)
    Caution advised when passing bakery case
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Wheatfield's Eatery and Bakery (GRF)
    The term for this meal was "epic". It was a tale the bards could have sung about, that should be passed down via the oral tradition for centuries to our children; in pretty much every way, this meal was larger than life.
    Wing Stop at 120th and Blondo has always been very consistent with their food and service. Dine in and carry out, it has been awesome.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Worker's Take Out (GRF)
    ==NinjaDebugger== Would eat again, now that I know what to expect. If you're gonna send one or two people out for take-out, give this place a shot. ==Chamelaeon== All of which should be taken as a recommendation for this place. One of the only ways it'd get better is if they delivered. ==Mecha== They make an excellent Cuban here. ==Moogle== I thought it was a good sandwich for a pretty good price. ==MapleSyrup== I look forward to going back, but I'll probably try the Cuban Pork Roast that the others got.
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW: Worker's Takeout (OWR)
    Worker’s Takeout feeds Omaha’s hungry workers via Chicago, Cuba From sign to sandwich, Worker’s Takeout seeks to win the hearts of the proletariat. The new midtown sandwich shop, 1317 S. 50th St., caters to those looking to pick up hearty food en route from Point A to Point B, said owner Chris Machmuller. That’s why the 150-square-foot restaurant is short and uncomplicated. "I like the idea of just a simple sandwich shop," Machmuller said. "It's not a business lunch; it's a worker's lunch."
    Pizza Plus: Zio’s is known for its New York-style pizza, but its other offerings also earn high marks
  • RESTAURANT REVIEWS: Omaha World-Herald
    Restaurant Reviews from the OWH
  • RESTAURANT REVIEWS: Pizza Shoppe Collective (OWH)
    Pizza sings at shop in Benson Oh, Pizza Shoppe. Where it can take 15 minutes to get a drink and 30 minutes to get a bite. What keeps drawing me back to this Benson neighborhood pizza joint and performance space? To a degree, it's the mellow bohemian mojo of the place and the terrific people-watching from its worn elevated booths. It's also the faint hope that the lovably snaggletoothed waiter will be there again, belting out a tune in the corner and slinging his guitar over his shoulder just long enough to take our order. But mostly I come for affordable, reliably tasty thin-crust pizza and oven-toasted cheese bread with the Shoppe's addictive pizza sauce.
  • RESTAURANT REVUIEW: Shucks Fish House & Oyster Bar @ Legecy (OWH)
    Those who love the rough, raw feel of the original may find the new Shucks Fish House & Oyster Bar near 168th Street and West Center Road just a tad too pristine. This second Shucks location, the third restaurant from the Absolutely Fresh Seafood folks, is no crusty seafood shack carved out of a bustling fish market. Instead, it's a high-ceilinged eatery and bar in a brand-new Shops of Legacy space that's been roughed up a bit with weathered wood, papier maché lobsters and faux seagulls. Happily, the service is friendly, the oysters are cheap, and the fare on two visits in May was every bit as good as that I've had at 119th and Pacific Streets. Gladly, the restaurant doesn't seem to be letting the slightly ritzier digs go to its head: "I eat 'em raw" slogans on servers' T-shirts and "Recommended by owner" lettering on the front window keep tongues firmly in cheek. This new spot is slightly more chic. But at its heart, it's still Shucks.

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