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Sage - Sunday Prime Rib Brunch Buffet @ GFC

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sage - Sunday Prime Rib Brunch Buffet

posted by snekse

$15 Prime Rib Brunch Buffet

Seriously. And it's good. I've been a fan of Sage Bistro since our first visit. Last fall they started serving a Sunday brunch, but most sessions were closed to the public. The good news: there will be 4 Sundays this semester that they'll serve brunch. The bad news: you've already missed the first one. That means you only have 3 weeks left to get your butt down there to see what all the fuss is about (and that's assuming they have room for you in their reservation books).

So why the fuss? Well, as is always the case with Sage, you can't beat the price.Or the selection. A Sunday brunch buffet with prime rib, an omelet station, house made cured meats, a rotating selection of pancakes, waffles or crepes, various other side and main dishes, pastries galore, and real fresh squeezed orange juice gives you plenty to choose from. The highlights include the prime rib, biscuits, orange juice, the savory mushroom salad (if they have it) and everyone had a favorite version of the bacon which was prepared in 3 different ways. That's not to say everything is perfect; these are students after all. Issues ranged from several proteins being slightly overcooked, greasy potatoes and more minor issues like the gravlax being cut too thick, the mousse being thick like pudding, and the crepes being thick and chewy.

The staff, comprised of students, is friendly and, for the most part, attentive. The food presentation is both attractive and functional, but the dining room is lacking in that warm inviting appeal. That appears to be more of a funding issue though and should be addressed when the new ICA building is complete. Besides, I'm far more interested in the food. And while I can't honestly say Sage has the best brunch in town, I can say it's a good option with a couple of touches you won't find elsewhere - at least nowhere near this price range.

Brunch Rating: 84+

Sage - Make a Reservation

N 30th St & Fort St. (MAP)
Metro's Fort Omaha campus - Building #10
Omaha, NE 68111
(402) 457-2328

BRUNCH HOURS (Jan 13th - Feb 3rd):
Sunday ~ 10:30 am - 1:30 pm

OFFICIAL SITE: Sage Bistro's Sunday Brunch Buffet
LIST: Breakfast and Brunch spots in Omaha

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