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Monday, May 19, 2008

Silicone Cupcake Cup Molds and National Devil's Food Cake Day

posted by Foodie-E

Silicone Cupcake Cups and National Devil's Food Cake Day

Today is National Devil's Food Cake Day and in honor of that, I planned to make cake to bring to work. Since I was making cake anyways, I decided to try my new silicone cupcake molds. I mean, why not kill two birds with one stone? :)

I got these as a gift from my mother along with a cupcake carrier so I didn't have to cover a shallow cardboard box with foil. Don't act like you've never done it or at least SEEN that trick before. It works, but it's kind of ghetto. So, now I'm all cool with my silicone cups and carrier.

I have other silicone products, 8x8 cake pans, standard muffin pans, and mini muffin pans, but nothing with the ridgey texture of these cups. The instructions said not to spray them with non stick spray, but all of my other silicone products told me to do it on the first use, so I was a bit leery of not spraying them. Being the research junky that I am, I did a test. I sprayed them all, but the yellow ones. I had 24 of them and luckily that is the exact number of cupcakes a box of cake mix makes. Don't judge. When you make cake as often as I do for my team at work and have a 10 month old just starting to crawl, then you can judge. Besides, I happen to prefer box cake mix to made from scratch chocolate cake as made from scratch chocolate cake tends to not be as moist or as chocolaty. I realize that is a very general statement, but they are my true thoughts for what fits into my lifestyle. Besides, we are not here to talk about how I cheat on my cakes, we're here to talk about my cool silicone cupcake molds.

After the cupcakes were done, I let them cool so I could put frosting on. When I was frosting them, I realized that the cups were already starting to come away from the cupcake on the sides! I looked to see what color it was, blue. Okay, it was one that I sprayed. So I tried a yellow one and it did the same thing! From the looks of it, spray or no spray seemed to be about the same. When I was done, I decided to set aside the 2 ugliest cupcakes to sacrifice; one sprayed and one not sprayed. (We all have them, don't lie. :) ) The one that was sprayed came out very easily. I just put some pressure around the edges (imagine squishing the cupcake a little like you would to test a cake to see if it bounces back) to loosen it from the mold and turned it upside down. It fell out! Just like that. I did the same thing with the yellow one (not sprayed) and turned it over. It didn't fall out. So, I tried the pressure thing again to loosen it and make sure I didn't miss any spots and turned it over. It still didn't fall out so I kind of pulled the cupcake out and it finally came out. I didn't have to pull hard, but I did have to convince it to come out.

In the end, they both left a little bit of cake inside the mold, but all in all, I thought they worked really well. I won't be getting rid of those metal cupcake pans that require the paper liners, because those definitely have their place like bake sales, neighborhood barbecues, or gift baskets. But if you're making them for a small group or for someone you know will give them back to you, these are great. I'll have to see how well they do on the second run with none of them being sprayed with non stick spray, so stay tuned for the update!

Rating: 89+

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