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Introducing: Brent Udron - Beer Correspondent @ GFC

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Introducing: Brent Udron - Beer Correspondent

posted by snekse
I have a very exciting announcement to make (at least exciting to me). We have finally moved one step closer to turning Gastronomic Fight Club into what it was originally meant to be: a collaborative blog.

There are lots of topics that fall under the gastronomic umbrella, and I could never hope to cover them all with the expertise they deserve. That's why I have asked several people to officially join the GFC team. The first of those joining us is Brent Udron, who will be our featured beer writer. Mostly this will mean beer reviews, though it may also cover other things because I've asked him to simply write about whatever he thinks is interesting. I did, however, twist his arm a bit for the first article - more on that later.

For those who don't recognize the name, Brent writes for the Omaha City Weekly and is a bit of a beer fanatic. How else do you describe someone with tasting notes for over 2,000 beers? The fact that he also works at Beertopia has probably helped that number, but it's impressive none-the-less. And that leads me to the arm twisting.

I'm sure there are more than a handful of readers out there who have never heard of Beertopia, let alone Beer Corner USA. Given that, the first article I've asked Brent to write is to profile Beer Corner USA, and tell us about the different locations and what makes them so special. He originally opposed this idea due to a potential conflict of interest, but thankfully I was eventually able to talk him into it. I can't think of anyone more qualified to do such a writeup. After that, he'll be doing a review on two limited edition beers from the Santa Fe Brewing Company. Brent's ability to accurately describe what his palate picks up in a beer is uncanny, so hopefully you'll get better insight into that limited edition beer beyond the "Mmmmm, good beer" and "bleach, icky beer" that I might give you.

With that, please join me in welcoming Brent Udron to Gastronomic Fight Club.

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