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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chicago Dawg House - Omaha, NE

posted by snekse
I'm not from Chicago, so I can't vouch for the authenticity of the "dawgs" at Chicago Dawg House. I can, however, vouch that it's a tasty dog. And the fact that they ship in most of their product from the windy city has to account for something.

Given the name of the place, the main draw is probably the TRADITIONAL CHICAGO-STYLE HOT DAWG. I can't say it reminded me much of the Chicago dog I had when we visited several years ago. The Omaha version is better and from what I can tell, more authentic. The sport peppers add something really unique - almost like a hot pickle. Of course the bright green relish is another signature of the famous Midwest frankfurters.

Of the things I have tried so far, the traditional is my favorite. Everything else has been good, but nothing really unique that you couldn't find elsewhere. The traditional Chicago hot dog also seems to offer more value than the rest of the menu. I think $2.49 for a corn dog (CUBBY KID) or $4.99 for a polish sausage is a bit too pricey. Add $1.99 for fries and a drink and you're looking at a somewhat costly lunch for what is still just a hot dog. Though it is certainly cheaper than driving to Chicago.

And the prices haven't been keeping people away. Each time I've been there for lunch, the place was pretty packed. Granted the authentic "long bar" wall seating might make it feel more cozy than it really is. Or maybe not. The owner mentioned he'd like to expand if an adjoining bay opened up. Or maybe he'll just open another location since Omaha seems to enjoy the bit of Second City he has brought us.

Rating: 85

Chicago Dawg House
108th & Maple

3113 N. 108th St. (map)
Omaha, NE 68164
Phone: (402) 504-1234

Hours of Operation (Call first)
  Monday-Thursday: 10:30? AM - 9:00? PM
  Friday-Saturday: 11:00? AM - 1:00? AM
  Sunday: Noon - 7:00? PM

GFC in Chicago
Good Dawg: A taste of Chicago you won't soon forget by the Omaha World-Herald

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