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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

REVIEW: Foodie Babies Wear Bibs

posted by Foodie-E
Foodie Babies Wear Bibs
We received a new board book for our daughter called Foodie Babies Wear Bibs. It is a small colorful book with 9 pages of easy to remember text and 9 pages of brightly colored drawings that include a diverse set of patterns.

When I flipped through the book, I thought it was cute and I enjoyed looking at the drawings of big headed babies with small faces. However, when I gave the book to my 1 year old daughter she preferred to chew on it or just carry it around with her. As I flipped the pages for her, she didn't seem all that interested in the pictures or what was in them like she has with other books. I'm not sure if the drawings are too sophisticated or intricate for her to really make high or low of them, but none the less, she was not all that interested in it.

Overall, I think this book is more for the foodie parents than the foodie baby. Would I buy it for myself? Maybe not, but it would make a great baby shower gift for the parents to oooh and aaah over before the baby comes and then the baby can drool and chew on it later. :)

Title: Foodie Babies Wear Bibs
An Urban Babies Wear Black Book
By Michelle Sinclair Colman
Illustrations by Nathalie Dion
List Price: $6.95 (Available in October 2008) - Pre-Order

Rating: 87

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