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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Subscribing to blog updates

posted by snekse
I apologize that we haven't had a new post here in a couple of weeks. August is always an extremely busy month for me, so I find myself with little free time to post. That, however, is a great excuse to post a little technology "How To" for some of our readers. If you are already familiar with RSS and Feed Readers, there's not much for you here. But if those terms are new to you, let me introduce you to a whole new way to keep updated on news and reviews from Gastronomic Fight Club and all of the other cool blogs (and some news sites) you read.

Understanding RSS

The first thing we need to do is become familiar with what RSS feeds are. There's no better or more enjoyable way to learn the subject than to watch this short video:

Subscribing and Reading RSS Feeds

Once you have an understanding of RSS and you've determined the location of a site's RSS feed, you'll need to pull it into a feed reader. My favorite is the Google Reader seen here:

That's it! Now whenever a new article is added to this site, you'll see it appear in your feed reader of choice. If you're not keen on the whole feed reader thing, we also provide you with another option - to subscribe to email updates.

I hope that has made your day a little more interesting.

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