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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Best-ter-est of Omaha 2008

posted by snekse
Okay, so you wasted several minutes of your life voting for the "Best" of Omaha. Now let's see what the real foodies think. Imagine, a chance for the smaller whole-in-the-wall places with no advertising budgets to get some recognition they deserve.

We are please to announce the first Randomal Best-ter-est of OmahaTM awards. Voted on by you, the readers of GFC.

Voting will stay open until we decide to close it. We'll keep it open for at least a month, but may keep it open until the end of the year if people are still submitting votes. The results will be announced in a future post. At the latest, it will be announced around January 1st, 2009. If voting dries up, we may announce earlier.

Submit your authority here.
Best-ter-est of Omaha voting ballot

Need to refresh your memory? Review our list of Omaha Restaurants.

Voting has closed. You can see the winners here:

The Best-ter-est of Omaha 2008 Restaurant Winners

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