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INTERVIEW: Chef Paul Kulik @ GFC

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Monday, December 08, 2008

INTERVIEW: Chef Paul Kulik

posted by snekse
Okay, this is something I'm very excited to share. Several weeks ago, Gastronomic Fight Club joined forces with Dusty Davidson and Jeff Slobotski from Silicon Prairie News to do a video interview. The interviewee: Paul Kulik. The subject: Anything and everything - food, travel, Omaha, creativity, cooking, entrepreneurship, AFK and of course - The Boiler Room (and it's opening date). A huge thanks to Jeff and Dusty for allowing us to join them for the interview and a huge thanks to Paul for his time and a very interesting conversation.

Interview: Paul Kulik - Boiler Room - Part 1

Interview: Paul Kulik - Boiler Room - Part 2

Interview: Paul Kulik - Boiler Room - Part 3

Interview: Paul Kulik - Boiler Room - Part 4

Inside the Boiler Room with Paul Kulik

REVIEW: The Boiler Room (GFC)
The Boiler Room at 11th & Jones St.
Meet Jesse Becker, Master Sommelier for The Boiler Room
Boiler Room Update - Interview with Paul Kulik and Jesse Becker
About Silicon Prairie News
brightmix - Smarter Software Development
About that last question - bread
OWH's Chef Chat with Paul Kulik

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