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Friday, January 16, 2009

Food Prize Winners

posted by snekse
We have lots of stuff to give out today.

First off, congratulations to Mr. Ori Kushnir who won the Wagyu Beef Package from Morgan Ranch in the Menu for Hope raffle. Mr. Kushnir will receive a 7 pound Morgan Ranch Wagyu Carving Roast and 10 pounds of Morgan Ranch Wagyu Ground Beef. Thank you to all who purchased raffle tickets and a very special thank you to Morgan Ranch for the generous donation.

Next up, Anne Macklin has won the $50 gift certificate to Carrabba's Italian Grill for participating in our Holiday Food Traditions share-a-thon. Granted she was the only person who posted a comment, but hey, it got her a $50 gift certificate! Congratulations to her and thank you to Carrabba's for providing the donation for this prize.

Also from Carrabba's, we have 4 certificates for a selection of three mini desserts on the house. We said we were going to give these out to anyone who made the Mini Cannoli Recipe and sent us pictures and notes. We also said if we didn't get enough responses, we'd come up with alternative methods to award these. So I was going to award these based on past interactions: comments left on this site, readers who have "become a member" of GFC, members of the Foodies of Omaha Discussion board, people who voted in the Best-ter-est of Omaha awards, fans of GFC on Facebook, people who have interacted with the other Omaha Food bloggers, etc... But I wanted to make sure these went to people who would use them, so we're only going to award one - to Susan Stern - since we already know she likes Carrabba's. The others will be given out on a first request basis. So if you want one, just ask us.

Finally, we also have a $25 Gift Certificate to Sushi Japan/Yakiniku Boy from Restaurant.com. Like all Restaurant.com gift certificates, it comes with some restrictions, but they're reasonable. This particular certificate has the following restrictions: Valid with a minimum purchase of $35. 18% gratuity will be added to the pre-discounted bill. The winner of this prize was randomly chosen from all the people who voted for Sushi Japan as Best Sushi Restaurant in Omaha or Best Japanese Restaurant in Omaha in our Best-ter-est of Omaha Awards. So congratulations to MOD for winning this gift certificate.

I'll be trying to contact each of the winners over the weekend. If you won a prize and haven't heard from us by Monday, contact us. Congratulations again to everyone who won something. We hope to do more of this kind of thing in the future, so keep your eyes open.

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