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WINNERS: Best-ter-est of Omaha 2008 @ GFC

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

WINNERS: Best-ter-est of Omaha 2008

posted by snekse
Find the latest Best-ter-est of Omaha Restaurant winners here:

GUIDE: The Best Restaurants in Omaha

Best-ter-est of Omaha 2008
Well the polls have closed [BUT THE 2009 POLLS ARE OPEN!]and I have to say, the results were interesting and just what we were looking for. There were lots of great restaurants that came out on top, while the chains didn't fare so well, except in categories where you'd expect them to. Voter turn out was respectable considering we didn't really publicize this much beyond our readers. This was always meant to be a poll for foodies, by foodies, so thank you to all the foodies who voted. We hope you enjoy the results as much as we did.

Best-ter-est of Omaha 2008TM

Best Bagels

Best Bar-B-Que

Best Bowl of Soup

Best Breakfast

Best Buffet

Best Burrito

Best Coffee Shop

Best Desserts

Best Family Restaurant

Best French Fries

Best Fried Chicken

  • Jack & Mary's
  • Millard Roadhouse(Tie ~ 2nd)
  • Popeyes (Tie ~ 2nd)

Best Hamburger

Best Pasta

Best Pizza

Best Sandwiches

Best Seafood

Best Steak House

Best Sunday Brunch

Best Sushi Restaurant

Best Chinese Restaurant

  • O Dining (Tie ~ 1st)
  • P.F. Chang's (Tie ~ 1st)
  • China Road (Tie ~ 2nd)
  • Golden Palace (Tie ~ 2nd)
  • Rice Bowl (Tie ~ 2nd)

Best Appetizers

Best French Restaurant

Best Greek Restaurant

  • The Greek Islands
  • Katies
  • Jim & Jennie's Greek Village

Best Indian Restaurant

Best Italian Restaurant

Best Japanese Restaurant

Best Mexican Restaurant

  • Alvarados (Tie ~ 1st)
  • El Aguila (Tie ~ 1st)
  • Guaca Maya (Tie ~ 1st)
  • La Mesa (Tie ~ 1st)
NOTES AND COMMENTS: Since the form fields were free form, we tried to interpret the results as best we could. If you'd like to double check our work, feel free to look at the raw data. No member of the GFC team voted. Since this was such a small sample size and some of the categories were so close, some of the results would be different if our votes were counted. Cafe De Paris, Elada, and Trovato's each got at least one vote, despite being closed.

Best-ter-est of Omaha 2009TM

With such a great response, we plan to do this again next year, with some new additions thanks to comments from our voters.
  • Best American Bistro
  • Best Thai
  • Best Korean
  • Most Overrated
  • Most Underrated
  • Best New Restaurant
  • Best Restaurant - Period
We might also include some "Best Dish" categories. Dishes that were singled out this year include:
  • Grandmother's: Clam Chowder
  • Upstream: Smoked Gouda & Blonde Ale Soup (x2)
  • Upstream: Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup
  • Mai Thai: Tom Kah Chicken Soup
  • Don & Millie's: Baked Potato Soup
  • Burger Lust: Bleu Cheese Burger
  • Hiro: Avocado Rolls
  • Crescent Moon: Pickle Chips
  • Crescent Moon: Hot Wings
  • The Sportsman: Onion Rings
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