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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Best Adjustable Spice Rack

posted by snekse

Check Out My Spice Rack

With title apologizes to "Mama Spice". It's an inaccurate title anyway. It should be "Check Out the Spice Rack I Want, But Can't Seem to Locate".

So here is the rack. It's the one in the upper left that I'm looking for. Pretty basic, kind of obvious, yet I have never seen one in the US.

I have looked up and down the internet for something even remotely close to what I'm looking for. There is a HUGE selection of spice racks available, but none that fit my needs.

So all of you manufacturers of spice racks out there, listen up as I spout some design logic for a wall mountable spice rack with a focus on something that could be mounted on the inside of a cabinet door.

It's impossible to create something that is going to fit everyone's needs. The best you can hope for is to create a flexible system to fit most people's needs. Usually with flexibility comes complexity and/or a lack of stability. Luckily there are few technical requirements for a spice rack, so a flexible system won't become overly complex or unstable. So let's build the ultimate adjustable, inside-the cabinet-door spice rack.

The first requirement of a wall mountable spice rack is for it to be adjustable. What I mean by that is after I install it and put holes in my cabinet door, I don't want to ever have to do that again. If we can avoid holes all together, even better. The point is, I might adjust the shelves in my cabinet, and I'll want to adjust the shelves on the spice rack accordingly. The easiest why I can see doing that is a vertical rail system or a peg-board like system.

Next up, handling different cabinet sizes. Not everyone has 4 foot cabinet doors. Since cabinet doors vary in height and width, different options should be made available. The easiest way I can see doing this is to actually sell the baskets and rails separately. Have 2 foot cabinets? Buy the 18 inch rails. Then buy the number of baskets that make sense for your situation. Only buy those squat spice containers? You could probably get away with more baskets per rail set. Along the same lines, producing baskets of varying wall heights and/or depths would be a good idea. To keep the spices from bouncing all around and falling out when I close the door a little too hard, make sure the connection between the baskets and rails is snug.

Okay, that's really all I have. Like I said, it's not really too complicated, yet it's nothing I've really ever seen before. Here's what I like about the rack linked to above:
  • It has two rails you fasten to your cabinet doors with just 4 screws
  • You can easily move the baskets up and down without needing to drill new holes in your doors
  • The baskets are large without being so large that the spices will flop around
  • The front wall of the baskets is high enough to keep tall containers in
  • I can keep the spices in the containers I purchased them in
Maybe not perfect, but pretty close. The biggest problem with this particular rack is that it would cost me $50 just to ship it to the US! So this is my open plea to OXO, The Container Store and all of you other kitchen gadget companies - build this spicerack please.

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