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Omaha Coupon Book helping the Omaha Food Bank @ GFC

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Omaha Coupon Book helping the Omaha Food Bank

posted by snekse
In June we mentioned that The Omaha Food Bank was to become the primary beneficiary of our charitable efforts at Gastronomic Fight Club. This is the first step towards that mission. We have partnered with the Savings Sidekick Omaha Coupon Book to make the Omaha Food Bank one of the available charities on their site that can benefit from sales of the discount books. When selected as the donation recipient the Omaha Food Bank will receive *at least* $10 from your $20 purchase. When purchased through the link below, they will get $11! And of course you get the benefit of not only helping the Omaha Food Bank, but you will also get those nifty BOGO coupons to a good number of Omaha restaurants.

Help the Omaha Food Bank
Buy the 2010 Savings Sidekick Omaha Coupon Book


We thank you for helping us support the Omaha Food Bank. If you have other ideas of how everyone can help, please submit your ideas in the comments below.

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