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Master Sommelier Introductory Course - Midwest Location @ GFC

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Master Sommelier Introductory Course - Midwest Location

posted by snekse
When I found out that Jesse Becker was going to be offering part of the Master Sommelier curriculum here in Omaha, I was excited and intrigued. I asked him to share some of the details about the course so there would be more awareness for those who might be interested. Here is the information he had to share.

Gastronomic Fight Club has invited me to share the details of the Master Sommelier Introductory Sommelier Course, the first ever offered in Nebraska, being held at the Omaha Hilton hotel on November 11th and 12th. The course is intended for hospitality professionals, but is excellent training for anyone involved in the retail and wholesale wine trade. Even if you aren't in the wine trade, consumers will also benefit greatly from this course, because it places emphasis on improving tasting skills, and the lectures will thoroughly cover all the major wine-producing regions in the world.

Joining me are Wayne Belding, MS of Boulder, Colorado and Ron Edwards, MS of Charlevoix, Michigan. Wayne and Ron represent two of the top educators in our organization and have a true wealth of information and experience. I always look forward to teaching with them because I learn from them as well.

The Master Sommelier Introductory Sommelier Course is the first tier of education and testing conducted by the Court of Master Sommeliers. Candidates receive intensive instruction on product knowledge, beverage service, and blind tasting. We intend to provide hospitality professionals with well-rounded beverage expertise at the most rigorous standards.

The two-day educational course will include lectures on viticulture, vinification, and all of the world’s major wine-producing regions. Additional lectures will cover the production method of spirits and sake, proper wine service, social skills, wine legislation, and food and wine pairing.

Students will be trained extensively in blind tasting, a wine tasting skill that enables you to recognize typical characteristics of wines and to detect basic faults. This is the method we use to assess candidates for the Certified, Advanced, and Master exams.

At the end of the two-day educational course, candidates take a multiple-choice theory examination for which a passing grade of 60% is required. The Introductory Sommelier Course is a prerequisite for the Certified Sommelier Exam.

Please follow the link below for registration:
Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in Omaha.
Jesse Becker, MS

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