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WANTED: Food Writers in Omaha, NE @ GFC

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

WANTED: Food Writers in Omaha, NE

posted by snekse
So it's a new year, and with that new ambitions and a renewed focus. And some clarity. Here's what's become clear: I need your help.

I've always wanted this site to be a collaborative effort, but I haven't aggressively sought out contributors in the past. That is going to change a bit this year. I am very aware that I don't have the ability to dine at and review nearly as many restaurants as I'd like, let alone cover the many other interesting food topics that I'd like. That is where I'm hoping some of you come in.

If you have an interest in food writing, please contact me with your areas of interest (e.g. Restaurant Reviews, Cooking/Recipes, Eating Local/Sustainable, Chef Interviews, etc...) and preferably a sample of your writing. No English Literary degrees required, just a passion for food. Hopefully we can find some great additions to our team.

Here's to a great new year at Gastronomic Fight Club. *cheers*

Food Writer: Mark Kurlansky

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