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Please allow me to introduce myself @ GFC

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Please allow me to introduce myself

posted by snekse

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Yesterday marked our 5th anniversary here at Gastronomic Fight Club. It also marked a bit of a turning point.

As I mentioned previously, we'll be bringing on several new contributors. The purpose of this is to provide our readers with more frequent content. I think it also brings some additional benefits such as fresh points of view and coverage of topics that would have been glossed over in the past.

Throughout the year we'll be introducing our new writers as we bring them on board. Please make them feel welcome as they are all part of our community. They are passionate foodies, just like you. They are sharing their opinions to help our community grow and raise the bar for everything we eat.

I also ask that you give no one a free pass. I've taken the approach that I will bring many people into the fold if I feel they fit well with our team. I will leave it up to our readers to provide us feedback about which articles they want to see more of and which writers they really enjoy. We ask that you be patient and give everyone a fair shot. Once you've done so, if you'd like to share your praise or criticism, please contact us to express your thoughts.

Our new site will launch on May 1st. Until then, expect things to be fairly boring around here as we busily prepare.

Thanks for a great 5 years.
-Derek AKA "snekse"


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