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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Omaha BBQ Review - The Best BBQ in Omaha

posted by snekse
When Erik Totten of Food & Spirits Magazine asked GFC to be part of a review to find Omaha's best barbecue, my answer took about 3/10th of a second to spit out. I must have been tired. As he told me more of the details, the more I salivated at the opportunity. A real competition amongst the local barbecue joints in an attempt to crown a winner - brilliant. Why in Kamapua'a's name has no one done this before?

Now a BBQ shoot out that pits barbecue pit against barbecue pit is one thing. The ensuing meat orgy that awaited us is quite another. Ribs, brisket, pulled pork, sides - from each of the ten participating restaurants...

I'll let you read all of the gory details and find out who the winners are for yourself. I will say, however, that I was a little disappointed in the lack of really good barbecue to be found. Only two restaurants achieved what I consider truly respectable scores. Congrats to those places (see the winners).

Food & Spirits Magazine: Volume 1, Issue 1
Food & Spirits Magazine: Volume 1, Issue 2
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Greater Omaha Barbecue Society

Thanks to the following restaurants for participating in this challenge: Bones, Brew and BBQ, Big Horn Mountain Barbecue, Doc and Eddie’s BBQ, Famous Dave’s, Hartland Bar-b-que, Harkert’s BBQ, Jim’s Rib Haven, McKenna’s Blues, Booze & BBQ, Red Zone BBQ, and Skeets Ribs and Chicken.

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