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Friday, July 10, 2009

New Omaha Food Bloggers - Q3 2009

posted by snekse
As more foodies start blogging and existing food bloggers move to Omaha, our list of Omaha Food Bloggers continues to grow. I'll be updating the list occasionally as we find these new blogs. We also have one subtraction since Greg Bullard has moved to Austin, TX. Greg is still doing some reviews of Omaha restaurants, so keep an eye out for those. Now check out our latest additions:

Omaha Food Bloggers

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Omaha Food Bloggers

posted by snekse
When I first started this blog back in 2005, the foodie scene in Omaha was pretty underground. Slowly we've seen some encouraging changes. More locals joining the social sites like Foodbuzz, eGullet and Chowhound. More reviews going up on sites like yelp and urbanspoon. The Omaha World-Herald finally got a clue and gave food it's own subsection on their website. Food and Spirits magazine brought a dedicated local food publication to the area. And most importantly, more Omaha food bloggers have begun sharing their own thoughts and experiences.

With that, let me introduce you to our fellow Omaha Food Bloggers and announce the creation of the Omaha Food Bloggers Blog Roll. Blogs marked with a ** were added after our initial announcement.

Meet The Omaha Food Bloggers

The 2 Foodies

http://the2foodies.org/ **
Kenton and Melissa make some great food, and better yet, take some amazing pictures of said food. The many recipes on their site cover both cooking and baking and they're not afraid to share their experiments.

Eating Outside of the Box

A couple from Nebraska doing their best to minimize their reliance on processed foods (i.e., they strive to eat primarily “outside of the box”). They’ve created this blog as a way of giving people an “insider’s view” of what it’s like to live a life quite unlike the average American. While many folks are out at the bars or movies on the weekends, they are likely visiting a local farm or making homemade mayonnaise!!!

food eaten.

Lainey Seyler writes for The Reader, but this is her personal blog where she records her "culinary fiascos and successes." She has lots of recipes and provides plenty of entertainment. She warns you to "Expect exaggeration."

Gastronomic Fight Club

A food blog with a mission to find the best of the best. Their focus is to provide readers with unbiased critical reviews of all things food (and sometimes technology) related. The focus is mainly on Omaha restaurants, local and national food news, wine, beer and the occasional book reviews and recipes.


Five geeks from Omaha rate restaurants, fast food, and various other interesting comestibles. That's right, five mini reviews for every restaurant. And with a new restaurant being reviewed about once a week, there's plenty to read.

Jamie's Kitchen

http://www.jamies-recipes.com/ **
Jamie recently moved to Omaha from Iowa with her husband, their two daughters and a smelly dog. She loves cooking; She is a food fanatic. This year her dream of becoming a stay home mom has come true! This time has allowed her to do lots of cooking and recipe developing. A win-win situation for her and for us as well as she blogs about her food adventures.

Omaha Critic

Omaha Restaurant Reviews one bite at a time. The Omaha Critic provides honest reviews of various restaurants around the city giving each one a rating. If you want a kids point of view, you can also check out Omaha Critic - JUNIOR.

Former Omaha Food Bloggers

Unfortunately, bloggers occasionally move or just stop blogging. This is a list of food bloggers who used to be on the OFBBR.

Check it out

Avesta considers herself a modern ethnic chef. She's been cooking since she was a toddler, and food has always been very important in her family. When she was 29 years old she opened Avesta Eclectic Cuisine (in a different city). She recently moved to Omaha and is planning on making her mark here.

Eat Like Athena

http://www.eatlikeathena.com **
Amber Share is passionate about slow food and is inspired by the Mediterranean. She is professionally trained and has gained some valuable experience. The experience shows as you puruse her recipes. Oh, and she also takes some great food photography as well.

Food Geekery

http://www.foodgeekery.com/ **
Jason Kelly is a relatively new foodie. In mid-2008 he decided to really start cooking at home. His site covers all of the interesting aspects of his journey into foodie-dom, from recipes to restaurant reviews.

What Greg Eats

Greg Bullard’s love for food began in his Father’s kitchen and grew from there to be a cornerstone of his life. Greg is a firm believer in the concept that you live to eat, not eat to live. Living in Omaha, NE now, Greg's other musings can be found at Well Fed on the Town

Omaha Not-Quite-Food Bloggers

There are also several blogs out there that are food related, though not really about food.

Kevin Lynch On Wine

http://www.kevinlynchonwine.com **
A site where, hopefully, information and humor, seamlessly gel -- assuming gels can have seams. Kevin is a food and wine writer who recently moved back to Omaha from the San Francisco bay area.

Nebraska Beer Blog

http://nebraskabeer.blogspot.com/ **
I bet you didn't know there was enough going on in the Nebraska Beer world to maintain an active blog about it. Well there is, and a very passionate one at that. This is the spot for all you need to know about Nebraska beer, brewing, events and everything that centers around beer in this great state.

Meet the Omaha Food Bloggers Blog Roll

So here's the thing - the hard part about writing a blog is keeping it going. Life often gets in the way and the writing muse doesn't always want to dance with you. Before long it's been 6 weeks since your last post and readers have forgotten about you. And from a readers standpoint, it's not always practical to check each of the blogs above on a regular basis. That's where the Omaha Food Bloggers Blog Roll comes in. The blog roll is a shared Atom/RSS feed that can be subscribed to so you'll have a constant stream of new content delivered to your feedreader, email or whatever you use. We hope other good things will also come of this. Who knows, maybe we'll be able to re-boot the Foodies of Omaha Discussion Board and start meeting regularly. If we do, you'll already be in the know because you clicked one of the links below.

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